How Do Sophomores Feel After Homecoming?

Valeria Sifuentes and Marisol Gollaz

Alessandra Ferrer, Sophomore

“I think it was pretty fun because they played cool music.  I also like how they started in September because it was neither cold or hot. The food they gave to us was tasty, I din’t expect for it to be that good to be honest.I didn’t like the decorations that much because it was way too simple, they could of done a better job.It was worth paying 15$ for the homecoming, it was fun and everything well done.”

Leslye Martinez, Sophomore

“I think it was good and boring at the same time, but I still had fun and all. I think it was so stressful, especially because of our weather, but it was cool. Yes, I actually enjoyed it, it was very tasty. Well I didn’t like it because it was just not that good to grab someones attention but it was good I guess. I didn’t pay because I was Sophomore Princess, but I would say it would be worth it.”

Nova Salazar, Sophomore

“I thought it was fun and it was all about spending time with friends and enjoy it together. It was fine for me, it really doesn’t matter when it starts but i think September was a good month because of the weather. Yes I enjoyed the food a lot, it was very good. I thought that they could of done a little bit more better because they take seniors decorations from the hallways and just put it up, they should of taken more time and done better, but I mean if it was last minute it was okay. I would say yes because at other schools it’s like 40 or 50 dollars for entrance and they have expensive foods and we didn’t do all that.”

Adriana Terrazas, Sophomore

“It was fun and I had a great time with my friends, they planned it well. It was a good time to start because we are not testing or doing things like that, and besides the weather was nice. Yea, I would say the food was better than expected. It was pretty but they could’ve  done better a better job, it was way too simple in my opinion. I would say it was worth 15$ because they had food and drinks already for you and all that.”