What Would be of Our Athletes Without The Trainers?

Hazel Soto and Jennifer Belmontes

Evelyn Sandoval, 11, it was not that frightening to attend the first game she would have to cover as an athletic trainer. She had been attending scrimmages and felt prepared to cover the games. Her job was to cover wounds, give out water and make sure everything was in order. 

“The hardest task that I’ve been assigned is definitely having to lead other kids because I am used to being a leader with everyone and not for everyone,” Sandoval said. 

One of the differences from this year from last year is that this year the majority of people involved are freshmen. These freshmen are part of the SLC program Sport Science academy and it’s a requirement for them to make hours. 

For Lilian Perales, it’s nothing new working at Bowie High School. 

“This is the beginning of my 20th year, but I have worked here before as a permanent sub. I did my student teaching here, and I am a Bowie graduate class of 1992, but working as an athletic trainer is my 20th year and I hope to retire here,” Mrs. Perales said.

Ms. Perales states that the hardest thing she has to deal with is to see young people die, go to their funerals, talk to their parents, and then remember that they were once her athletes and that they left so young.

Sandoval, being the most experienced athletic trainer out of them, plans on staying the rest of her high school years as a trainer. 

“I will probably end up staying the rest of Highschool in athletic training, this is what I want to do and that’s why I joined trainers,” Sandoval said. 

Jacqueline Belmontes, 9, is one of the nine freshmen that are involved in trainers and states it was difficult for her at the beginning since she learned all the hard parts but she has now gotten used to it.

“It is my first year in athletic training, so everything is new and different for me but I like everything we do here and I plan on staying the rest of my high school years,” Belmontes said.

Belmontes said that the reason she joined trainers was because she is in the Sports Science academy and she is required to make certain hours in athletic training. She has always been really interested in things like this and thinks that that is what she wants to study.

“Honestly, the hardest things were in the beginning because it was when I started to learn everything but now I think it’s not hard at all,” Belmontes said.