StuCo, Representing and Standing Up For Bowie

Leslye Castorena and Bryan Castanos

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Before the Homecoming assembly started, the Student Council President, Alejandra Lopez, 12, was nervous and didn’t exactly know how to feel about talking in front of Bowie students, staff, organizations, parents, and even alumni. Although she worked hard to host the assembly, she had mixed feelings and was nervous because of the big crowd.

This year, Student Council is more open to new ideas and more flexible on the activities that students are allowed to plan for the whole school. This is because Mr. Arthur Beck and Mr. Christopher Puga are more involved with students and they help them make this school year fun.

It was a bittersweet moment because we thought that we were going to mess up and that it wasn’t going to go well. We were happy though that this was the first event that people were attending of ours, and people were going to see the change, what we are doing,” Lopez said.

Hazel Soto, 12, said that StuCo is really stepping up their game this year and they are doing the best they can to make it better.

“I feel very proud and I’m excited to what is coming next,” Soto said.

Mr. Beck said he is trying to improve Student Council by getting students more involved as far as our other schools and district nine.

“I’m trying to expand Student Council and make it a more strong leadership government based organization that makes decisions on campus,” Mr. Beck said.

Lopez said that this year student council is open for more people to come, and whenever they are able to. 

We want them to be involved as we are. We let them come at their own time,” Lopez said.

Soto said the student section in the games gets really loud and full of spirit, and the more students there are out there the better the team does.

“I really like what we do and how we all get united to be able to cheer for the team,” Soto said.

Mr. Beck said that Student Council isn’t much different from last year, just that kids are more excited and show more pride about the new activities and new things happening around campus.

“I think the kids are feeding into that, the positive energy the different things we’re trying,” Mr. Beck said.