Girls soccer team kicks past COVID-19 obstacles


Karen Romero

Xochilth Gaona

The COVID-19 pandemic has many effects on everyone’s daily lives, including student-athletes.

Karen Romero, who plays soccer at Bowie High School, says her season this year has definitely been one to remember because it is so different. “We have to work out from home and that makes it all so different, we can’t work out as a team as we usually would do,” Romero said.

Romero adds that working out from home can also affect them as a team later on in the season. “In my two years of playing we did everything as a team, we were required to workout and practice together to play together, because we played better together, but this year things have changed and I’m scared to see the results at our games,” she said.

Still, Romero mentioned that working out from home isn’t the same because they don’t workout as much as they usually would in a normal season. “We can’t do as much as we do on the field, i personally don’t feel the same after a workout from home then when i’d workout on the field,” she said.

Romero says she remains motivated to still stay on the team, even though it can be difficult due to the pandemic. “I know it’s very different but I can’t let my team down that way, we’re all in this together, we help each other stay motivated and keep going.”

Despite the many obstacles this season, Romero says the team’s coach still has high expectations. “No matter how different workouts changed, Coach still expects us to give it our all, and do it with effort,” she said. “I think that eventually we will adapt, and we’re all just patiently waiting to get back to our normal ways just like any other athlete.