Legend vs. Legend: Students sound off on ‘Donda’ and ‘Certified Lover Boy’

Certified Lover Boy Vs. Donda


Photo courtesy New York Times

As many of us know, Drake & Kanye released both of their albums. Drake released his album just days after Kanye released his. We’ve all been on our toes on what these two albums will bring. So what better way to see who did it best. Our Bowie students have their opinions!

Aaron Rafael Ramirez Jr, heard about Kanye a long time ago and he loved his music, that has changed and now he says, “He’s alright, he’s old stuff was way better”.

The artist Kanye reminds him of his mom because “she would always play his songs when I was younger.” Ramirez adds, “My favorite song from Kanye’s new album would be heaven and hell, the first sample is amazing it sounds like a good workout song.”

Ramirez says that Drake has been one of his top three favorite artists, he said Drake is the GOAT. He says that whenever he hears the song “Legend”, it reminds him of when he was in middle school. “Those were some good times,” he commented. “My Favorite song from Drake’s new album would be ‘Champagne Poetry,’” Ramirez said.

In final, Ramirez expected more from Drake and Kanye’s album just had him confused. “OVO FOREVER,” Ramirez said.

Irene Quintana first heard Drake because of her sister that passed away. “His music is not only amazing, but it has sentimental value.” Both of these artists remind her of her brother and sister because they would always play their songs.

Quintana’s favorite song from West’s new album would be “Moon,” she says her second-favorite artist, Kid Cudi, is in the song, and she says he makes the song better.

Quintana’s favorite song from Drake’s new album would be Champagne Poetry. “It sounds so amazing and soothing,” Quintana said.

In conclusion, she thinks both artists have a lot of talent and have their own unique style but she’s “going to have to go with Drake’s album.”

Monique Diaz is a huge fan of both these artists. So, this was a very hard decision for her.

She first started listening to Drake back in fifth or sixth grade. Drake always made her happy because he reminds her of the good old times in middle school. “Listening to ‘Controlla’ or ‘Marvin’s Room’ while in class with my friends was so calming, I wish I could go back,” Diaz said.

Diaz started listening to West back in seventh grade. She commented that she’s always loved his songs, especially this song called “Violent Crimes.”

Her favorite songs from West’s new album would be “Jail” because the lyrics get to her and the beginning makes her want to cry; it gets her in her feels. Diaz’ favorite song from Drake’s new album would be Papis Home because “it like gives me energy and at the end it says daddy’s home and it gives me full body chills because it gives me the vibe of old Drake,” Diaz said.

“My honest opinion about both albums is that, Kanye’s album I think is more for his mom who passed away, and not for his audience, On the other hand, Drake’s album definitely was very close to the bullseye, I am not disappointed,” Diaz said.

Diaz has always been a true Drake fan. “OVO FOREVER”

In conclusion, looks like Drake took the W. Like the rapper once said, “Barkin’ up the wrong tree, you know how the dogs get, haven’t fallen off yet, yee.”