National Sticker Day

Gabriela Gaona, Xochitl Gaona

Mark Galindo

‘The very first time I received a sticker was when I was in elementary. I would say my favorite kind are in the form of cars. I wouldn’t get stickers for behaving well, usually I would get them because I would finish all my work. I do think they kind of represent some kind of joy, especially for little children. Stickers are mainly used as prizes, like school or stuff like that.’

Ivonne Rodriguez

‘I really can’t remember the first time I got one but I remember getting one in middle school. My favorite kind would definitely be the star shaped stickers. I would mostly get stickers for finishing my work or teachers would randomly give out stickers to students. I think stickers can definitely make someone bring out a smile. Stickers mostly would be used for decorations.’

Arlette Torres

‘I would get a lot of stickers mainly in elementary. I don’t have a favorite kind, I like all of them to be honest. I would mainly get because I behaved well or because I would complete all of my work. Stickers can be used for so many good reasons, like making someone happy or just giving them out randomly.’