History teacher, JROTC student weigh in on kneeling during anthem

History teacher, JROTC student weigh in on kneeling during anthem

Lizzette Valdez

Veterans Day is a federal holiday honoring military veterans who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Not a lot of people realize the importance veterans have that affected the way citizens live their daily lives.

For example, in school and even in sport games, when we stand for the pledge and national anthem, that is a way for people to show their appreciation towards the vets. Most people stand, but on the other hand some show their own gratitude by kneeling.

Consequently, people saw this action as a disrespectful gesture towards the veterans. Bowie history teacher, Ms. Pantoja, states her opinion on kneeling: “People should be allowed to kneel and have their own opinion because it is protected in the Constitution.” She also explains the possible reason why people think kneeling is disrespectful: “For years and years, people were taught to stand for the pledge and because of that, it has turned into an expectation to stand.”

For another perspective, I asked a JROTC student, Emily Lopez, for her thoughts about this topic. She believes that kneeling serves the purpose of, “support[ing] minorities that are under racial attacks or racism.”

This leaves the question: Is it really necessary to stand at all? Lopez feels that it is important to stand “because it shows our pride and acknowledgement for our veterans and what the flag stands for.”

In conclusion, “It’s your right either way to stand or kneel, it’s your choice, and America should be about choices,” Pantoja added. However, even if you only see it as a day off of school, respect and give thanks to the vets.