Varsity Soccer Girls Season Predictions


Xochilth Gaona

This season, 2021, the Bowie High school girls’ varsity soccer team made some predictions and told me about a little bit regarding themselves and teammates, I interviewed Aylin Lazalde, 11, who plays center mid on the field. She has been playing varsity soccer for 2 years.  

Lazalde notes she is extremely excited for this season, to see how the girls come along to make it a great season for everyone including the coach. She mentions her prediction is that the soccer team will play better and improve in running and skills. “I have faith that if all the girls put in the work and effort, we can make playoffs,” Lazalde says.  

Lazalde remarks a few changes shed like for the team. “I want this to be more of a friendly team and be able to still work with each other inside and outside the field.” Just like any other team the soccer girls aren’t just friends but teammates who must push each other to always do better, she says.  

I went forward to also get a few words from the captains of the soccer team, Perla Lopez, 12 who plays defense as well as Kendra Escareno, 12, who also plays defense. They both have been a part of the Varsity team for a few years.  

The captains tell us about their first district game on Jan 21, at Austin High School, 7:00 PM.  

Lopez speaks out about this year’s season comparison to the last. “Many of the girls I began to play with on varsity and helped me grow are now gone this year, its different in the way that now I am captain and am expected to help the underclassmen grow.”  

She comments on a change she wants for the team. “A good change we are trying to improve is our communication, to be able to guide each other in the field and have better results.”