Ian Carrillo, Writers

Well, it was actually an interesting case, right so I am working towards my teaching certification and part of that is to actually get a job as teacher and to learn and continue to learn from there. Another part of it is to do your observations so originally I was looking around trying to find opportunities to observe classes and one of my friends works at burges and she got me contracted with the principal and the secretary and I did my observations at burges. And so because of that I was thinking “ok, well since they help me out maybe I try to apply there and get a job working there” and so when you do that really you don’t really apply to the individual schools you’ll apply to the district and then you interview at schools they want you to go to. And I was just only planning making at burges and I think about anything else and then I got an email from Bowie asking if I was interested in applying to a science position here and they talking about the New Tech and SLC and all the interesting stuff that we got going on here and I haven’t heard of any of that stuff before and so I was looking more and more into it. And it sounded so amazing and so interesting and kinda in line with my personality and how I wanted to teach anyways. So, I made the decision and got back in contact with them and I interviewed and here I am. In my personal opinion is physics I’m  physicists that’s what my degrees and i really love it, and I think it get s a bad rap because you have to know so much math in order to do it but i’m hoping as I learn more and get more comfortable in my possession that I’m able to make it as fun and interesting as any other class.  

That’s an even more secures honestly I never thought to become a teacher my mom was a teacher for 30 years at Andress high school  basically that whole time and she was a science teacher too and you know seeing her and seeing all the stuff she had to do especially at the end of her career I never wanted to be a teacher but after I graduate from college and I was originally trying to get to a medical school so waiting on that going to do applications on that a random opportunity arose for me when my fraternity brothers his mother was the director education at the time for visit college and they were in a deep need of a math teacher the semester is about to start their own math person quick they can find anybody so kind as a favor to him I pick it up i need the math I think i can do it and so I spend 2 years there teaching in vista and i really enjoy teaching I really enjoy seeing students when they finally got something specially the kind of place like its for the students that were told that they will never were get to college so those students also weren’t the strongest on math a lot of them haven’t seeing a math class for 20 or 30 years and they weren’t that great back to see them, finally start to understand something knowing that i help to do that I kind to change my mine on teaching as whole, in addition to that I took stock on my life back at the rest of my life I was a camp counselor for 10 years  i was a lifeguard and a swimming instructor for several years and so I realized that basically my entire life my entire working life I had been teaching capacity one way or the other so i just wanted to make it legitimate. It was tough, it was really hard getting drop in the middle of the second semester especially at the end of the grading period but you know I always like a challenge. I want to make clear that it wasn’t the students that made it tough it was just me trying to catch everybody up on what they haven’t gone over, what they should be at and in addition to me navigate the administrate side of being a public school educator and these all things kinda happening all at once is real tough but is really fun and really made me excited to see what it will be like when I get a fresh start when I get to be with these students for entire year. My hobbies are woodworking, I also do leather-working

and I do cross stitching as well a lot of little tiny crafts like that. I am also a mason and freemason so I put a lot of time and energy into researching the history, the symbols, the rituals of that and I think that is my biggest hobby. For the rest of the year, I wanted to catch my students to where they were supposed to be. I wanted to start doing the actual new tech stuff so I wanted to come up with some problem based learning, project based learning, a few more fun things. I know that my classes haven’t had any labs. I wanted to do a lot of labs and just get through the years so that the students at the end of the year can say “ Hey,you know what, despite what happened this year I did learn something.