Custodians describe spooky encounters at Bowie High School

Photo by Jocelyn Reyes

Photo by Jocelyn Reyes

Jocelyn Reyes

Have you ever experienced something paranormal?

Well, most people throughout their life have heard scary sounds, doors opening by themselves, or things moving without an explanation.

Here at Bowie, custodians help us have a clean environment. When everybody is at home chilling, custodians are still here at school as the darkness of the sky sets.

Bowie has a team of custodians, including Lupita, Felipe, and Rogelio.

Lupita’s worst experience here at Bowie is that she saw a little girl running away through the hallway. She says she felt terrified, but she kept working.

’’I’ve never felt so terrified in my life, not even when my mom used to tell me scary stories,” Lupita said.

Once everybody is gone, she sometimes hears weird sounds in the cafeteria and on building B upstairs.

They try to ignore the sounds so they don’t get scared so they can finish their work fast. “Ignoring makes bad spirits to fade away,” she said.

One day, once she was done with her shift just about when she was going to leave, she was putting away her cleaning equipment and she left her keys on a table. Suddenly she heard a sound and she turned around and she saw that it was her keys.

‘’It was weird, and I felt an awkward feeling like a sight, but nothing was there,’’ she said.

Felipe is a person who likes to help his coworkers. One day, around 7:30 p.m. he was helping his coworkers to finish moping so they can leave faster.

Suddenly, he heard a loud noise coming from inside the cafeteria, like a glass breaking. Felipe and his coworkers freaked out because it was almost impossible to something to break by its own.

Felipe, just like Lupita, also saw the little girl running through the hallway.

‘’I felt afraid of what I saw I’ve never lived something like this before,’’ he said.

One day, Rogelio was cleaning the restrooms at around 7:00 p.m. when he saw the toilet paper fall. No one was there, but he just decided to ignore it and keep working, but that situation made him think all day.

‘’I’m used to this, nothing new especially when it’s already dark,’’ he said.

Although Halloween is over, custodians at Bowie live spooky experiences quite often, breaking sounds, things opening without an explanation, the little girl on the hallway, things moving around, etc. They say mostly everything happens when it’s dark.

‘’The evil spirits are walking around school,’’ Lupita said.