What Bowie students plan to do on Halloween


Josue Gonzalez

Halloween is a very special holiday for kids. But, since COVID-19 happened, this the first time in a very long time that we can actually celebrate Halloween. And it’s very exciting because we get free candy and get to go out with your family and friends to parties and other activities.

For example, I asked some of my friends what they are going to do for Halloween. Kevin says he’s going with his girlfriend to trick or treat to the houses near his home or across town. “Maybe with my friends,” he added.

Some of the Bowie students want to continue the tradition of going to trick or treat. For example, another friend says he’s going but to “the rich side,” Brian says. Other students might just go to “nearby my house,” Kevin says.

Halloween costumes are also a big thing. Some like to wear a full costume while others just like to wear “a mask,” like Brian. And that’s why is so special this month of the year, because you can get free candy and be anyone you want. For example, you can be a superhero or anything you want!

Halloween is also one of the scariest holidays because you get to experience a lot of things like going into a haunted house.  Some students say they’re planning to go to one at another local high school.

Although many Bowie students have their Halloween planned out, some still aren’t sure yet. “I still don’t know,” Efrain said.