Does Love Have To Be Mutual?

Joel Cano

Destiny Pedroza, 12

“I believe love has to be mutual in a relationship because a relationship is like a partnership, if one person is more invested than the other than there is an unbalance. I would describe mutual love as you doing anything possible for a person and receiving the same back. I believe mutual love does increase the health of a relationship because both parties are striving for one common goal and happiness.”

Darlene Carillo, 12

“Many have so many different ways of showing actual feelings for a relationship. I believe love should always be mutual in a relationship due to the fact that without equal love or equal feelings, there will never be any balance The love and feelings should always be mutual; both partners have to feel the same way about being together, united. I see no reason or solution to why being together if the love is not mutual. It’s simply nonsense.”

Jay Barraza, 12 and Kayla Flores, 10

“We do believe love has to be mutual because the feeling of one person has to be truth to the other one. We believe our relationship has a lot to do with mutual love. One of our biggest attachments towards each other mutually is freeing our schedules to spend time together and conversing about our day. We keep our relationship healthy and loyal by trusting each other and going out on multiple dates, fun dates. We describe our love and relationship as goofy because we are always finding the fun out of any situation.”

John Chavez, 12

“I believe it has to because it is the only way a relationship will work because you can’t have someone interested and someone not interested. It does not cancel out because in order for a relationship to work,
it has to be 50/50 not 25/75. Each person has to give in the relationship in order for it to last long. I would describe that relationship when a person is having a bad day and his/her partner goes out of their way to make it better and vice versa. When someone doesn’t, the person is left wondering ‘does this person really love me?’ The insecurity starts running to the mind and they start questioning everything they thought was love.”