Students continue adjusting to in-person school

Students continue adjusting to in-person school

Danae Navarrette

After more than a year of adjusting to online school, many Bowie High School students are still adjusting a new – yet also familiar – “normal.”

During the quarantine, students had to study and attend school by using Zoom and Schoology. During this period, everyone had to stabilize a routine to maintain order and make it easier to study and learn. Most of them were productive, but also most of them were not productive and unclear how to do it.

“Did I miss my online school routine? Yes and no, I feel the online routine was more relax and very flexible with the time, but the bad part was that I was at my house all day in front of a computer, I couldn’t see my friends,” Hilary Montes said.

Many other students agree. “It made things easier in a matter of getting up early and could be comfortable at home,” Emily Sustaita explained.

During online school, we all had advantages and disadvantages. Maybe the time was more flexible and relaxing to stay at home, by staying at home you can do a lot of things on your own: eat every moment of the day, sleep more, stay in pajamas all day.

Unfortunately, being comfortable by staying at home gets tough over the time we remain in our residences. Getting stressed for simple stuff, turning in assignments late, sleep late, or even don’t sleep enough.

“My online routine was not productive because I was not very active and was lazier but now I do because I do homework and have activities within the school,”  Sustaita said.

“My routines are not productive at all, but I like them,”  Irving Vidal said.

As I said before, most of the routines are not productive at all, but comfortable to have. Having a relaxed routine, but not efficient, can be a huge difficulty in the future, in the case of school routines are essential to have organization and a clear schedule.