Nothing Soft About Softball!


Ivette Gallegos

Bowie’s softball girls are some of the strongest players in the entire school. Just because it’s called “softball” doesn’t mean it’s a soft sport. In fact, softball is just as hard as regular baseball.

Every time I go to a softball game, the girls all look happy to be taking the field with one another.  “My favorite memory with my team members would be my freshman year our game against Austin,” Nynnet Compian, 11th, said. “We have had a winning streak against them ever since.”

Softball is a really tough sport to learn since you have to have a quick eye, good aim, and fast reflexes. “I had difficult times where I couldn’t do things right, but I thank my coaches for never letting me give up,” Gabriela Aguilera, 12th, says.

The players joined for many different reasons, whether it’s because they have been on the team since they were younger, friends convinced them, or just because they were curious.

“I joined the team because I fell in love with the sport and the adrenaline out there, and also the coach that I have was very encouraging and very supportive in helping me succeed,” Compian says.

Others say their families influenced their decision to suit up for softball.

“I come from a family where all my cousins play baseball, I grew up watching them play and found it so interesting,” Aguilera says. “My sister played softball at Bowie, and that’s also what make me joined in my freshman year.”

Some athletes say the coaches not only recruited them, but also worked to keep them on the team throughout their high school careers.

“I’ve been on the team for three years, since my sophomore year,” Kaylee Baray, 12th, remembers. “What made me join the team was the coaches. They saw me playing volleyball…and…they wanted me so they kept asking me to join softball.”

This story appears in the 2020-21 Bowie High School yearbook. Order your copy by CLICKING HERE.