Seniors prepare for life after high school


Vianney Guardado

Senior year really flies by; one day you are saying goodbye to your junior year and the next you are walking through that stage.

As the school year comes to an end, seniors begin to think about what they will do after graduation. It is the time when they have to ask themselves: “Who do I want to be in life? What will I do after I graduate?”

“I feel very excited because I will finish a great stage of my life that was high school, and very nervous because after that something new will begin in my life and you have to know how to make the best decisions,” Paola Quezada, 12th said.

“Excited” – that’s the word. Every senior is just excited about walking through that stage, a new chapter of their lives begin, the world is waiting for them.

“It feels unreal that my high school years is really coming to an end but I have mixed emotions because I wasn’t able to enjoy it as much as I had hope but at least I’ll graduate,” Perla Bouche, 12th said.

This year was definitely not as expected, I mean, “senior year in the middle of a pandemic” is the last thing a high school student can think of, but it happened and the only option was to adapt and keep moving forward.

“I feel a little bit nervous and disappointed about the fact that we didn’t enjoy our senior year,” Dillon Uribe 12th said.

At this point, it is essential that students have at least an idea of ​​what they want to do, what they want to study if they are planning to attend college, or if they are not attending college.

“I will be attending New Mexico State University this upcoming fall and I will be studying aerospace engineering. I hope to work my way into NASA in hopes of one day becoming an astronaut. I will be living in an apartment near the school with one of my best friends that will be attending that school as well,” Bouche said.

“I would like to study international business. I’m interested in this career, since I really like to travel in search of deals or investments in different places. I will be attending EPCC,” Quezada said.

“I’m planning to get into the medical field and be a healthcare professional. I’ve been interested in that career since my best friend got in a motorcycle accident and he told me about his therapies with physicians and athletic trainers. I would like to go to Texas Tech,” Uribe said.

Good luck to all the seniors on their journey!