How Do We Show Love?

Gabriela Gaona and Xochitl Gaona

Everyone has their own way of letting a special someone know they love them. Take a look at the unique ways people show their love to someone.

Crystal Reyes, 9, shows her love by being there for her loved ones.

“I show love by letting people know I’m always going to be there for them,” Reyes said.

Josue Mata, 10, does think everyone has their own way of showing love but he said that no matter how you demonstrate it, it’s still love.

Miranda Morales, 10, demonstrates her love to things by taking care of them.

“If it’s a thing I have love for, I’ll take good care of it,” Morales said.

Mata agrees with Morales by keeping them safe and with him always.

“My way of showing love is by reminding my family and friends how important they are to me every day,” Mata said.

Reyes doesn’t think caring for someone is a good way to show love to someone special.

“I don’t think caring for someone is showing love, caring for them is just for friendship or even like when you are walking down the street and you see a lady that can’t cross, you help her out,” Reyes said.

Morales, on the other hand, thinks it’s a great way to show how important someone is to you.

Mata doesn’t know how to exactly explain when you feel love for someone.

“I don’t know how to explain it but when you love someone you don’t even question yourself about it,” Mata said.

Morales knows when she loves someone because she can feel the same love and affection they are giving in return to her.

Something Mata fears about love is how quickly the feelings can change.

“One thing that scares me about love is no matter how much you love someone, love can also turn into hate,” Mata Said.

Reyes is scared to love someone because she feels they can always walk away and leave you heartbroken.