The voice of the Pride of the Southside. By the students, for the community.


The voice of the Pride of the Southside. By the students, for the community.


The voice of the Pride of the Southside. By the students, for the community.


Senior clearance

Any questions, please e-mail [email protected] or [email protected]

Schedule for all seniors (by counselors)
  • Monday 5/18, E. Camacho (M-P)
  • Tuesday 5/19, E. Acosta (A-D)
  • Wednesday 5/20, J. Aguirre (Q-Z)
  • Thursday 5/21, L. Mercado (E-L)

o Students must arrive to campus at 8:45am

  • All vehicles will now have to enter the parking lot at the corner of San Marcial and Delta.
  • Students will head North, park in the parking lot parallel with San Marcial Street, exit their vehicles, and join the line in front of the school.
  • Faculty and staff will park in the southern parking lot, parallel with Delta Street.
  • All vehicles will exit Northbound.

o Students will follow the clearance map and go through the process one at a time.

o Students will turn in anything that they owe (including calculators for Mr. Barragan) and pay all money owed in exact cash amount.

o Students must bring their own personal protection (masks/gloves)

o Students will stand on Xs (or remain in their vehicles) to ensure proper social distancing.

o All items will be disinfected by custodian before coming on to campus.

o Nurse will check for health symptoms before coming on to campus.

o There will be no congregating, socializing, or physical contact.

o After clearing, students must exit campus immediately.

o Chamizal Security will be informed of dates and times.

o EPISD Police will be assisting in ensuring compliance for both parents and students.

o Your counselors will be contacting you as needed.

Returning technology

o Hot spots must be turned in. Sprint will turn them off. If you have a younger sibling, then the hotspot needs to be reassigned to them.

o Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] for any questions.

o Turn in laptops. Any lost, damaged beyond repair, or stolen cost $625,  broken screens $200, chargers are $79, and cases $25.

Yearbook distribution

o Students who do not receive a yearbook during senior clearance will need to pick up their year books in the Delta Street parking lot (behind the garden) at 8:45am on Friday, May 22

Cap and gown distributions

Pick-ups, payments, and orders for cap and gown will be at the Jostens location, 7618 Boeing Drive (915)584-3464 starting today, May 11.

Go Center/Counselor info

Please e-mail [email protected] or [email protected] for any questions.

Please join the Schoology Group code D4XD-JCHJ-RJTRC for resources and scholarship questions.

Senior video

The journalism program is working on your senior video and need your photos and videos! If you’d like to contribute, please click on the links below. You can add any photos/videos to the senior video or baby photos in the Baby Photo folder that will be showed at graduation and social media.


There are 20 yearbooks left for sale at $60! You can still purchase one until next week during clearance but reserve yours online to guarantee one! Click on the Buy Your Yearbook link.