Mr. Gomez

Vanessa Valdez and Ashley Cardenas

Mr. Sam Gomez, English teacher,  has done some hard obstacles to get where he is now as teacher at Bowie High School. He became a teacher because of the fact that he liked to work with young people. 

    “I was a volunteer at a daycare in high school and I remember walking in to the day care and all the kids being really happy to see me and right then and there I knew I wanted to work with young people because I liked that feeling of them being happy to see me ,” Mr. Gomez said. “That was one of the things that inspired me for being a teacher.

 Mr. Gomez said when he was a sophomore he dropped out of high school and he kept telling himself that he was never going to be a successful person in the future, got inspired and decided to be a teacher. 

  “Well it’s not just about teaching English it’s also about teaching culture and helping people find their way around Bowie. A lot of time my room is always filled with people and they are always asking me for advice and how to do things and what to do after high school and how to handle themselves, “ Mr. Gomez said. “I don’t have to work outside of my classroom but I help people within the classroom.

Mr. Gomez said he has had many obstacles while being a teacher. For example, some are as small as a kid failing an assignment and some are as tough that he doesn’t want any other teacher to experience.

    “I thought about quitting teaching, I had a kid kill himself and I felt guilty about it for a long time and this other student, when I got back to Bowie,  had just been in a car crash and died, so yeah I’ve had a lot of doubts in continuing to teach or other stuff,” Mr. Gomez said.

Mr. Gomez has many outside hobbies he likes to do in his free time.

      “I love to collect sneakers , I like to paint sneakers, I like to renovate old sneakers, I learned to sew 2 years ago, learned carpentry 3 years ago, love to fix my cars and I like to be with my kids and my family,” Mr. Gomez said. 

Mr. Gomez jokes with all his classes saying he is probably going to pass away in his classroom because he loves teaching since he doesn’t see himself retiring from teaching.

   “I still have 15 years to go and to be honest every year is a different year is different and every year is tough and I’m probably going to die from a heart attack but it’ll be worth it, Mr. Gomez said.