Rebote Tournament

JacQuelyn Urrutia and Hector Montes

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Rebote first started with Jose Carlos, he was at Jefferson, and he wanted Ms. Roland, the assistant principal at Bowie, to continue this tournament in Andress High School but ended up being in Bowie High School.

“The tournament started with Jose Carlos when he was at Jefferson, he wanted to have me do the tournament at Andress High School but I was not able to, so when I came to Bowie, one of our duties as admin is to make sure all the students are in class and I found some kids doing Rebote and so when they were doing Rebote they were not A+ so we asked them if they wanted a tournament and one of the rules of the tournament is that you have to improve attendance,” Ms. Roland said.

After going through permission slips and contracts and with a little help from Mr. Salinas, and staff from the campus including the students who play, the first tournament was able to take place here at the courts.

“A lot of people are involved, first of all, Mr. Ordaz the principal for giving us the authorization to host it here, the assistant principal, the counselors, the student activities, Chef Puga, many other people on campus and the students of course that are playing,” Mr. Salinas said.

Another element that takes a part of Rebote is that they are starting an instructional component, which means they won’t have to go to tutoring and students that are doing really well they will tutor the students.

“Because I saw the kids ditching playing Rebote and we do need academic success in Bowie and it’s starts in being inside the class, so now that we have them attending class we are going to start an instructional component and don’t have to attend tutoring ,we do have some students that are doing well in school and we are going to ask them to be our tutors,” Ms. Roland said.

This was just brought now to Bowie because it was something students were begging for semesters until Ms. Roland showed up and knew exactly what was going on because of Jose Carlos, and his tournaments. But also because they knew that no one plays football, basketball or is in journalism, so they planned a way to keep students from leaving.

“The kids practice, we found sponsors from schools they put us in contact with Segundo Barrio apparel and they sponsor our shirts, the kids in culinary arts, everyone had a little piece and everything came together,” Mr Salinas said.