Virtual Classes

Alex Reyes, Ian Carrillo, Ivan Ortiz, and Nataly Gonzalez


This school year of 2019-2020 has definitely been one of the weirdest and most unique experiences for us, students and teachers. This is the first time we’ve ever had to take classes without actually attending school, but what we have now is virtual classes. There is always first time for everything, this is something we are not used to doing. Virtual classes has put students in difficult and challenging positions where the majority of the time, they have to learn by themselves. This has impacted all of us, and students are not having a fun time.

Being face to face with the teacher and having a video call with them certainly seems to be a very different outcome.

“Well my first day I didn’t actually learn anything since we were feeling it out and today the lesson seemed to be lackluster and I seem to lose my attention to it,” said Raul.

Based on current events, it has been confirmed that we are not taking any end of course exam, it has been delayed until next year.

“I’m sort of relieved that I don’t have to take the STAAR test, but it also bothers me because we are going to take it our senior year,” Victor said.

Definitely, this is a very frustrating situation for students, since their learning is being affected and will affect them in the long run.

“I feel like I’m learning nothing,” said Ever.

Everyday, it seems like COVID-19 is just getting worse and worse as time goes by.

“Yes in the long run I’m worried that we might get the virus and have to be separated. I’m optimistic when it comes to the fact that things are gonna get better,” said Lopez.

It is definitely very different from the way we are learning now to the way we are used to learning, so many different perspectives in students too.

“I would pick go to school, I enjoy going to school. It’s more effective in learning,” said Rodriguez.

Muro said how this whole situation is affecting her. She explains to us an gives us further understanding of how this is affecting the way she learns.

“This affected me in the way that I learn because when it is online, you have many things to ask, but when you are physically in the classroom is more precise,” Muro said.

Muro talks about some problems she struggles with when using any website that is used for virtual learning.

“YES they can, I hope they can improve the websites that we use because if many students use it, it starts to lag and not everyone can do their work and is frustrating,” Muro said.

Keisha Lozano,9, talks about how she is doing and managing online classes. She talks about one of the major problems she struggles with.

“I think I am doing well with this whole virtual learning thing. I mean I do struggle a little to join, but I do so I think it’s okay even though it is kinda stressful because the system doesn’t really work,” Lozano said.

Lozano said how these online classes are affecting her in many ways but most importantly in the way that she is losing interest in doing things and more specifically, school.

“I don’t like it because I have been losing interest in school,” Lozano said.

Diana Sandoval,10, expresses how she is copying with virtual learning.

“I’m doing great I’ve been adapting in a very good way to all this whole virtual learning stuff,” Sandoval said.

Sandoval said how she prefers this method of learning than the original one that is actually going to school.

“I am doing better honestly. I feel like it is easier than going to school,” Sandoval said.


Since the lockdown began, students are adjusting to online classes while teachers at Bowie are the most affected by the changes. As the students all stay home, teachers have managed classes via the internet while trying to help students to understand this new way of life.

Coach Freddy Herrera says he enjoyed his spring break.

“My vacation has been great! I don’t mind staying home, I get to spend time with my kiddos,” Herrera said.

Coach Herrera says he likes online is okay but isn’t the same for him.

“Online teaching is different, doesn’t even compare to face to face teaching,” Herrera said.

Coach Herrera says to all of his students to stay safe.

“Of course, I miss my students, I hope that they are practising social distancing, staying busy, and being safe,” Herrera said.

Mr.Padilla says he enjoyed his vacation very much.

“I got to go to the Grand Canyon and spent an entire day there from sunrise to sunset,” Padilla said.

Mr.Padilla says he prefers face to face learning but knows the feel of taking an online class.

“I’d much rather meet my students in person and talk to them, I had to take online classes at UTEP, it was very difficult for me,” Mr.Padilla

Mr.Padilla says he hopes everyone is ok and to take care.

“Everything will be ok!  We will get through this together!” Padilla said.