Students anticipate a different Thanksgiving this year


Photo: Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Lizzette Valdez

You feel the cold breeze of the autumn air pass your face like a gentle kiss from the wind while walking home. As you slowly enter, you suddenly feel a calming warmth rush through you. You glance up and smell the delightful aroma of perfectly cooked turkey, yummy buttered corn, creamy mashed potatoes, and even the sweet, rich scent of pumpkin pie. Before you could do anything else, you hear the doorbell ring and see all of your relatives at the door. Now thrilled to have your family close to you, you can’t wait to have your Thanksgiving feast.

We all know that Thanksgiving is a holiday where you get together with your family, eat a delicious meal, and say your appreciation for everything that you are grateful for. However, considering how the virus has been here for the better part of the year, we may not be able to have that same tradition that we had for many years in the past.

It has been said that the government is starting to develop a possible vaccine for the virus, but, in the meantime, we still need to keep our loved ones safe for the holidays this year.

Valeria Aguayo, a sophomore at Bowie High School, thinks Thanksgiving will be affected because of everything else that has changed due to the virus. Aguayo usually spends her Thanksgiving inviting her family and eating turkey. However, this year she thinks it will only be with the family she already lives with. Even with a pandemic, Aguayo believes that we should still celebrate the holiday.

“People should still be thankful for those who don’t have the virus, but for those who do should also be thankful of the memories they made and hope to get better,” she says.

Even though Thanksgiving is a holiday when you get with your family and say your thanks, there hasn’t been much thanks to give this year. COVID-19 had affected all of us one way or another, some more than others. However, it’s up to us to not spread it even more, and it’s easy to do so. All you have to do is don’t go outside as often, wash your hands, wear a mask, and keep a safe distance away from others. So, if you are planning on going with your family for Thanksgiving this year, make sure to do it right and in a safe way.

Thanksgiving Fun Fact:

Turkey actually wasn’t the main meal served in the first Thanksgiving with the pilgrims and Native Americans in 1621. Instead, ducks, geese and oysters were believed to be served at that feast aside with pumpkins and cranberries.