Theater to Host One-Act Performance This Tuesday

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Theater to Host One-Act Performance This Tuesday

Jessica Chaparro, Staff Writer

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The Shining Lives is a play that theater director Mr. Jacob Rodriguez and his group will present in May 14 at the bowie theater the curtains will open at 5:30.

General admission will be two dollars per person tickets will be sold by any casting member of The Shining Lives.

Mr. Rodriguez is no stranger to this play and his ensemble have performed before during their one-act and want to showcase it to the rest of the community.

“I have produced this same play before in El Dorado High School and it went great. When I came to bowie i already knew the script and I thought it would fit perfectly with the community from here,” Mr. Rodriguez said.

Anyone who sees the play will really lose themselves in the time period which is in the 1920s with the struggle of women hurting themselves just for the chance of work.

“I think it’s a relatable plot about workers that are exploited so I think it’s something that a lot of people can relate to. I think it expands into our community to understand that we as workers have rights and there is a concept that I think others have struggle for so is a support for our community we already know that struggle,”  Mr. Rodriguez said.

The theater will be performing this play to help raise funds for upcoming projects.

People can buy tickets with Mr. Rodriguez or any theater member at the fine arts building.