Seniors Saying Goodbye

Alejandro Reyes, Writer

Alan Banuelos

It is with great sadness that my time to say goodbye has come.
You have become my teacher along these three years, you have been in my best and worst moments of my academic career. I feel I am the luckiest person to have the opportunity to be part of this beautiful community for such a long period of time. A community that has been my home from the day I stepped in as a sophomore. And although I will miss it dearly I will not be too far away as I continue studying in El Paso and will most definitely be popping in from time to time.
A big thank you to all the families and staff past and present that have supported and continue to support all activities the school is involved in. It has been a honor getting to know you all and I am going to miss coming here on a daily basis. I am particularly going to miss all my friends, teachers, and clubs; however, I’ll take all the memories I’ve been collecting along these years and I’ll leave behind a piece of my life.
Thank you to everyone at Bowie High School and I’m sure I’ll see you all soon!

Michelle Hernandez

I can’t say I’ll miss you or that I’ll forget you, for you have taught me many lessons for which I am thankful. Looking back at our few years together made me realize that my mentality grew a lot in a short period of time. You are neither friend or foe, you are a teacher. It wasn’t until the end that I understood your purpose, far more than to teach me math, science and reading, you helped me uncover my shell and see my true self. I learned to accept who I am despite those who tried to tell me otherwise, instead of focusing on the negative I chose to focus and love myself for a change.Throughout the past four years I encountered some interesting people who challenged me to view things for what they are and to not justify wrong doings but to instead speak out against them. I consider myself fortunate for being able to form friendships and to have been surrounded by people who say they are true friends. As my graduation date comes closer I’m happy to say that I’m excited to leave this school with pride and proud of my accomplishments.

Jovany Ruelas

I am grateful to say that i was able leave from Irvin HS and come spend my three and a half years here . I made a great decision because here is where i belong and here is where i had my family and my friends. I had an amazing High School experience and i wouldn’t like it to end just yet. Being here in school made me realize that the world outside of here is so different if you are not in school. I made a lot of new friends and had a hand full of experiences. Baseball made me want to pass my classes because i wanted to be able to play every season i could. I met a lot of people through sports and i am grateful for that.
Before coming here i was a whole different guy , I expected things to be different and had no expectations in life. Coming to Bowie and joining a sport made me want to keep moving forward. Over at Irvin I did not know anyone and I felt like i did not belong there ,but as soon as i came here i felt better and had friends and people I actually knew. It was great being here at Bowie High school and i appreciate all the people and teachers who helped me be the person who I am know.

Sebastian Avina

I just want to say goodbye to Bowie High School. When I entered here it was a very difficult stage, I did not know anyone, I did not know English, I knew absolutely nothing. With the passage of time, having more confidence in my achievement to make very good friends. I had the opportunity to do what I like most, which is to play baseball. Eventually everything was very different, here was another level, it was a different game that I used to play. I learned many things, acquired experience and learned certain things. I would like to thank coach Camacho for giving me the opportunity to be part of the team and be champions three times in a row. Also, I would like to thank all my teachers for being with me all these years. Miss Montoya who was my English teacher who helped me understand this beautiful language. Mr. Monroy was also one of those who helped me understand a little more and taught me how to use it correctly. I would like to thank Mr Vega for keeping me through my senior year when I was late for classes and did not turn in the work. One of the things that I liked most about this school was that I met the person I want to spend the rest of my life, my girlfriend Andrea. I knew friendships that I will never forget and moments that I will always remember all my life. Peace and Love!.

Matthew Arambula

Dear Bowie High School, it was great to be part of the Bowie bears. I hope every student have a great future. I will miss all of my teachers because they were the ones that helped me to be the student i am today. They were the best because although i was not a good student they never stopped helping me. Once a bear always a bear.

Zuggani Cortes

It’s been such a long ride these past 4 years, with many ups and downs. Many friendships were created and many friendships were broken but now it’s time to say goodbye and go on with my next chapter of my life.
High school took so much of my energy of me, many nights of me staying up to be able to finish homework. After all i can say that everything was pretty worth it now i can say proudly that i’m about to finish high school. When i was a freshmen i got to meet three amazing people that have sticked by my side these four past years. Their friendships will stay being very important to me, in these past years all three became like family. One of them became my best friend, she’s honestly the most amazing human being with such a great heart as well as my other two friends. We’ve became so close that first year that we always said we were cousins and its been like that ever since. I’ll take a lot of experience from these years but i’m glad to say high schools over, but now comes the real world and it’ll hit five times as hard and i’ll be nothing compared to this.

Alex Valdez

As my time here comes to end all i can think about is all those good times i had with my friends during class in my early years here at school. There was never a dull moment during my time here because of all these clowns i call my friends. The one thing i will always remember is those times in the morning when our whole 2k19 class would get together in the mornings to just play clash royale or catch up on homework since we all had each other for all our classes practically. We were a group of goofs who could care less about what the people around us thought cause we always knew we had strong ties to each other and we never switched up on each other even though we are all planning to go our separate ways in a couple months. What i’m trying to say is that I spent the best 4 years of my life here and for that I forever grateful. Being in this community i found out a few things that built up my character that will further prepare me in my future in the real world. So as i finally roam these halls one last time i would just like to say is i love you 3,000.

David Elorreaga

Dear high school, you have brought me endless memories that I will never forget. The memories created in the hallways, in the locker rooms, on the field and in the classrooms are something I will forever be grateful for. I have gained friendships that will carry on with me through the rest of my life. The lessons I have learned about life here in high school will carry on with me. These four years have been memorable and I appreciate all the faculty and staff that have helped me get to where I am and where I want to be. It has been an unbelievable ride and the end of this journey is just the start of a new one. Bowie High School has taught me so much about diversity and how different people can come together and chase the same goal. High school was a love-hate relationship with waking up early and going to class, doing useless assignments and stressing over deadlines that I thought would make or break me. But seeing my friends, having game days and doing memorable things all made up for the the hate in the relationship. I will forever be grateful for graduating from Bowie High School, this is not my home school but I was accepted into the culture and the people here are the most humble and passionate people I have ever met. Thank you Bowie High School for the endless memories, friendships and the great four years that you have given me.

John Moran

Coming to Bowie was the best decision I have made. This is because I have made so many friends and endless memories here. I have made the best of friends I could ask for that will be with me for the rest of my life. The knowledge I have learned here will make me be prepared for my future career and for my life. I want to thank all of my former and current teachers, counselors, coaches, friends, and my family for pushing me to do by best throughout the past four years. I would not be the person I am today if it weren’t for them pushing me to do my best in everything that I do. Without them my high school experience would not be the same and they have made it for the better. I want to say thank you to Bowie High school for welcoming me here since the first day of high school and it will forever be known as home. Everyone here treated me as family and I am eternally grateful for that and I love them. I would like to thank everyone at Bowie High School for everything from the past four years and I had an awesome high school experience!

Sydney Rodriguez

It is to my understanding that the school year is coming to an end. My senior year is wrapping up and now real life is approaching as we get closer to graduation my thoughts are everywhere. The thought of what i am planning to do, who is going to be in contact with me still, how am I going to make money and am i even ready to start my life ? Bowie you have been great to me, through all the ups and downs of my highschool years this school has been where I could escape from the world outside. A big part of my years here was playing sports for 4 years, it kept me busy and it let me show off what i could do. Basketball was my favorite sport when I started school here as a transfer, the coach that I had my freshman year taught me so much about the sport but as the years went on my love went more towards the softball program, and i thank you Bowie for showing me a clear path of what can be an opportunity in playing college for my future. I also want to thank Bowie for giving me more love for art, there are so many talented artist here and it inspired me to also further doing art in college. It is going to be very hard to let go of such an amazing high school that has taught me so much more than math, reading etc.. but goodbye my love for this school will never fade.

Arlen Solis

This school has taught me so much since I started to study here. Not only to be responsible, but to create memories with people that at some point were strangers to me are now my second family. It also made me in the person that I am today.Every teacher left a mark on me since each and everyone one dropped a bit of their knowledge to me. That now I’m about to graduate High School, in some way they’ve been part of my life since I started in this school. It’s going to be hard to leave and not be able to see them daily like I’m used to do it this past years.To my fellow classmates, we been through so much together to say that we made it. That majority of my classmates I got the chance to meet through our fourth year journey. Maybe we didn’t meet in the best ways, but we did end up being the best friendships that honestly I could ask for.

Axel Rodriguez

Take it from a very involved person, you don’t have to be the smartest and the most athletic to make your high school years amazing. I got close with my friends which can only be accomplished by getting stuck in a room with “nothing” to do, so thanks high school for that. Countless memories, like friday night games, doing concessions, and skipping so much class (excused). Unforgettable moments, the game against Ysleta on their homecoming week was unforgettable, the restrooms never actually working or there never being towels. You have given me so much to think back on when I’m 60. Met so many amazing people which all have amazing stories. I wanna say thank you to my Mom (Vega), I know I didn’t have you since freshman year but joining that first journalism class was probably the best decision I made in all my high school years. Thanks to you I was able to really fall in love with my favorite thing in the world and take amazing shots, photography. Your my teacher, my sensei, like Erick would say my master, my friend and especially my mom. Erick your an amazing photographer, my brother hope I never have to actually say goodbye forever, see you later, Hee-Hee. To my amazing brothers from band, I know being your section leader I had to restrict you guys but even then we have to many dumb memories. You guys really became my brothers. Love you guys I’ll try to come visit.  Bowie is just so amazing that although I’m leaving town to get away, I know I’m coming back to visit and help as an alumni. Once a bear, always a bear.

Gilbert Cardenas

This is the senior goodbye, its being a hella of years that i been 4 years in bowie high school. Yeah there were some difficult times that i struggle in school and also outside of school. I know im a pain in the ass cause i play around bt i also learn cause i needed to to graduate. Theres a lot of memories that will be remember since freshman year from i join football for the first time and when i had my first girlfriend when i met my real friends all those thing will be special for me. I wanna thanks to all my teachers that have teach me during my high school year it really means a lot for’s been fun not gonna lie when the laughs and the time got serious i will miss all that i wish i could stay a little bit longer but i can’t i need to follow the life time and grow up and get something serious aka go to college i need to go to college cause if i go i will follow my dreams. Now is the goodbye to say to everything my friends, my teachers, the people who help me thank you 3000 and goodbye yall!!!!!!

Judith Hernandez

Despite having spent unforgettable moments by your side, I must confess that your role wasn’t always clear. At times I wanted you to be a friend, but you never listened to what I had to say. It wasn’t until now that I understood your purpose. Four years have gone by so quickly and as the end of this journey has arrived, I realize how much I’ve grown, far more than simply learning math, you helped me discover myself and who I wanted to be in life.I’d like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be able to form beautiful friendships and to have been surrounded by people who inspire me.As if you enjoyed making a fool of me and simply allowed me to be vulnerable just so you could laugh at me, you made me believe that our relationship would last forever. Regardless of having gone through hardships together, you were always a motivation, I can say I’ll certainly miss you, for you have taught me many lessons for which I am thankful. So goodbye Bowie, you had plenty of lessons to teach me, and it is needless to say that I enjoyed some more than others, I am just glad to have gotten through them.

Miguel Mata

I really enjoyed being part of Bowie this 4 years. It’s been really good for me getting to know all this people and just sharing all this experiences. I thank all my teachers for always being there and helping me in every way possible. Ever since I started baseball i made it to Varsity my freshman year, we just made it to playoffs. Bowie had 45 years from not being champions but my sophomore year that’s when everything changed we made history at the Chihuahuas stadium. Then we kept it rolling all along to this day my senior year. So i thank you Bowie or letting me experience such moments because forever i will remember those days. Not everyone gets to say they  are a 3-peat champ, just feels really good to be part of that, making history! I feel really proud being from Bowie, you get to feel all the proudness we all have for Bowie and that something really nice. It’s just as if Bowie is everywhere, and i’m pretty sure that class of 2019 will keep Bowie spreading everywhere.

Giovanny Lopez

Hello, this is just a letter to thank and say bye. People have supported me since three years ago I really appreciate what teachers and counselors do to make students improve and do better in their grades, all you got to do is just pay attention to what they tell you and follow step by step. Despite all this these years were the best, I could not ask for something better the people in school are just great. Something I really loved from my high school years was playing in the football team because we had to work hard every practice and also in the summer, there for the Big Blue Bowie Bears were one of the best teams in the district. If people think the opposite I think the Segundo people and the Bowie Bears supporters will think just like me.Calling out for one of the best coaches, Coach Robert Padilla was the head coach during these three years and during that time, man I can tell he gave the best of him to see the Bears be the Pride of the Southside thank you, coach Padilla. Also, want to appreciate coach Vale’s conditioning, this was one of the hardest parts of being part of the team, but that’s what made the team a better team. Thank you.

Alan Alaniz

Goodbye Bowie High School it was a good and also wack 3 years being here but mostly fun because of the friends i made this last year.. I really enjoyed being here but it’s time to leave. Thanks for all the good and bad experiences i had. Also thanks for the people i met and really got close to because they have helped me in school and outside of school even though i haven’t seen some since sophomore year we still talk . I wanna thank my teachers that helped me get thru high school, but especially Monroy because he was one of the best teachers i had, he was way different from other teachers he actually cared for every single person in his class. Bowie has thought many things about people like not to trust everyone that says is your friend because they might not be who they say they are. Im grateful for this school because most of my family attended here and they convinced me to come here because its a unique school to be at. I’m also so grateful because this school helped me become the person i am today. Thanks again Bowie for the best three years of my life!!!

Nathassja Jacquez

Thank you for being on this journey since day one. Every single effort was worth it to get to the person I am now. Ever since freshman year I’ve been looking for the day I get to walk on that stage and obtain my high school diploma. Finally, that day is coming and I couldn’t be more proud about my school, my classmates, and my community.Thank you to every single person who helped me get here. First of all, I want to say thank you to my friend squad who has been there with me 24/7 for the past 3 years. Karanth, Irving, Bryan, Hector, and Alexia, thank you for dealing with all my stress, and thank you for being there for me through the good and the worst times. Even when you guys are still juniors and sophomores, I’m extremely glad that I got to meet every single one of you and being honest I don’t know what my high school days would’ve been like if I hadn’t met you. To my senior squad, David, Ashley, Alma, and Paola, I’ve known you guys since 8th grade and one of you since 4th. Seeing each of us grow is a beautiful memory that I will always carry with me. Thank you guys for every single memory throughout this years, hopefully we continue to hang out and talk no matter where life takes us. I am sure that many great things are coming for all of us, just promise me that you would never give up and that you will always fight for the things you want. I’m extremely thankful for all the teachers that have helped me along the way since day 1.  Mr. Barragan, thank you for being the best math teacher ever. The best part of the day was getting to your class and listen to your silly jokes, plus you have a great way of teaching the subject. I will always remember that every Friday you would put your norteñas and you would always show up with a “bailele mija.”Mr. Valenzuela, thank you for being the greatest physics teacher ever. I’m sorry for always talking on your class with David, Ash, and Paola. But you loved us like that. Thank you for letting us put our songs in class and thank you for loving us as if we were your children. Last but not least, Mr. Vega… Thank you for teaching  me many awesome things. Because of you, I got to discover two of my main hobbies (which are photography and writing stories.) Thank you for always making me laugh, and for “adopting” us as your children. I will always remember that the best part of my senior year was working for the aztec and for the growler. Moreover, I want to say thank you to Mr. Alex, Mr. Beck, and Mr. Aguirre. Thank you guys for supporting me in every way possible. Thank you for helping me get through senior year, and thank you for helping me obtain scholarships for this new adventure called college. Ultimately, I will always be grateful for Bowie’s mariachi group, in which I spended 3 ½ years of high school. Since freshman year I’ve dedicated my time and part of my life to the group. I have seen many of you guys grow, I’ve seen 3 generations graduate and now it is my turn to leave you guys. Thank you for being a second family. I will always take the memories from every single event, every trip and every competition. The best part of our family was when we got to travel to San Antonio and Tucson. I have learned so many things about every single one of you and I’m sure you guys are going to make great things in life. Bowie thank you for making this four years the absolute best. I will always take you with me , and I will always have you present on everything I do. Once a bear, always a bear.

Christian Mendez

Throughout my 4 years at bowie, it was really fun to have met you all, and some people I did my meet, it was fun to know you. To those people I never really meet or interact with you, sorry, I was a shy person who really doesn’t like to socialize with people beside my friends who i consider close friends or family. For the following students who are the underclassmen, there will be students in your class who you won’t talk to for no reason, but once you start talking to them, they actually can be fun to hang out with. Also, join activities, clubs, or organizations because not only you learn life skills, you also make new friends, and if your team win something, you have something to add to your resume. To the following teachers who I had as a teacher and teacher or staff who i met from activities and organizations (whether they still at Bowie or not), it was awesome to met you guys and thank you for watching over us. Not only that you help us from our school work, but you were also help us for preparing us for the real world once we graduate. Overall, it was an awesome four years of my life that I enjoy for the rest my of life. Finally, to my sister and her close friends, don’t mess up your on your GPA and don’t regret your senior year.

Brenda Torres

Dear bowie, the three years that I spent in this school were amazing, i have learned a lot of things, when i came here i was not able to communicate, read, or speak in english, at this time i am able to do these things, i am not the best and i need more practice, because i still have trouble sometimes but for me this is a big achievement.I wanna thank all the people that has been with me since the first day, friends come and go, but the ones that stay till the end deserve good things by the reason of not everybody support you in the good, the bad and even the worst days. One of my best friends that supported my since day one is Luis Galindo we have been through a lot of things but he never leave my side, every time i wa struggling with school, friends, or family problems, he were always trying to give me all his devices to be a better person, i am very thankful with god for putting him in my life. One of the best teachers that I had in high school was Ms. Castaneda she is more than a teacher for me, she is always taking care of her students and asking if everything it is okay, she is a beautiful and caring person and i really appreciate her and all she has done for me.

Ashley Adame

You have watched me grow, from a freshman that did not had any friends, to a senior embracing the real world in a few days. You hold most of my most precious memories within your walls. Memories that i will hold to keep in the deepests of my mind and heart for when I feel im up to being a nobody. Four years I have walked your infinite hallways, and I have never stopped and think how much i will miss your  confusing halls that go in an infinite square. When i first came here I was completely lost, literally, lost not finding my way through the corridors. However there were many friendly people, so many kind people helped me through this maze. You know that i made friends here? Which to my freshman self would have sound ironic but i did. I owe everything to them really, nobody knows this but Bowie you made me suffer from many mental illness from all the stress and anxiousness your teachers made us do. I did manage to survive your challenges and pass your game.  For my friends …thank you so much for hanging on to me Nathassja, thank you for putting up with my weirdness. Alexa, thank you for keeping your promise of being here with me till the end. David, Thank you for making me laugh when i really needed it. Teresita, thank you for fangirling with me over korean boy bands, I thought i was alone in this whole school. For my teachers… Mrs. Garcia, you and I were new to Bowie back in 2015 not knowing what this wonderful school had for us. Mr.Smith, thank you for making social studies fun to learn I really did enjoy your classes. Mr. Nail, thank you for giving me the stress of my life in ap classes. Mr. Salazar, I will miss your awesome personality if i have time i will come and visit you. Mr. Olague, thank you for believing in every piece of art I made in and outside your classroom, I will surely miss you the most. Mr. Vega, thank you for letting me participate on the making of the yearbook, your class helped me to be a little more open to talking thanks to the interviews you made me do. Last but not least thank you to you Bowie for letting me grow in your campus. For letting me meet amazing people that I will sincerely hold  deeply in my heart till the day I no longer breathe.Now that i will no longer be here with you, I hope I hope you continue making memories for other generations. Thank you Bowie High School for being the place where you hold my deepest and more happiest memories.

Hector Cruz

High school, my now old, fading friend, our relationship is coming to an end. Soon, I will never discern your crudely painted gates again. Soon, I will never eat a mystery on a styrofoam tray ever again. Soon, I will move on to the next greatest challenge that is college, and then, the real world. Soon, I won’t even be there to say goodbye. I would like to say you’ve taught me so much, more than I can imagine, but I just can’t bring myself to. Beyond the hate, hate relationship I had with you, you did provide me a couple of things. You provided me with friends who I love and care for, people who I know I’ll think of forever, beyond the final vision I get of them in their cap and gown.Now i want to thank you for provide me the learning and the outside vision of the real world, i want to thank you for preparing me and make me dream big, i want to thank you for all the problems you give me, because those problems make me be the person who i’m now, i want to thank you for being the responsible  to make graduate this eighteen years old guy, this guy that now has a different perspective of his life. All I just want to say is thank you everything and that always i’m going to be proud to be a Bowie Bear.

Katherine Villegas

A long and bitter-sweet goodbye to you. Goodbye to the hallways that led my size 4 converse to that excruciating place we call a classroom, I will always remember you. I guess this is an end to everything, every triumph, every let down, every friendship and every heartache i have ever had (here at least). Hopefully my 3 years at the white and blue have prepared me at least a little bit for what’s to come in college. I’d like to give a special thanks to the underclassmen that respected me somewhat throughout my senior year, those whose names I could never remember I’m sorry I may have alzheimer’s. I have made many mistakes in high school, I hope I end up making at least one person proud, because so many people believed in me here. Coach Vasquez you were and will continue to be my favorite, thank you for helping me see that I shouldn’t be afraid to succeed, Im sorry I never really led up to your expectations, I hope that one day I can be as great as a coach as you because in my eyes you truly are one of the greats. A BIG thank you to the flowers at the Bowie Garden for being my friend at lunch when I had none and also to library books that held my sad sad sophomore tears. Thank you to my very first best friend, thank you for putting up with every embarrassing thing I put you through, thank you for being the only person that really stuck throughout the years, if I never see you again I hope you know that you were a great influence in my life, you know who you are. And last but not least, goodbye Mr. Vega. Thank you for believing in me and pushing me everyday, thank you for telling me I have a future and reminding me that i am good at more than just breathing. Also thank you for introducing me to that very special person in my sophomore newspaper class, i know you say that high school people don’t know what love is but i really think he could be the one. I’m sorry I didn’t win you anything at the UIL competition, I really hope i make you proud Vega, I will try my absolute best.

Vanessa Giron

First of all i just want to say that High School is a once in a lifetime experience that will always remain in our lives. This past 4 years here at Bowie High School has been amazing because i got to experience a lot of cool things that you can only see in High School. Being in HS makes you realize that you are not young forever. You start to change and see the world in a different perspective. I just want to take this moment to say that i’m so grateful to experience all this High School life. I know that after HS my life will change and won’t be the same but i know all my HS moments, memories, and experiences will always be part of my life, because this little part in life is just a little piece in our journey to life beyond. There is a lot of things i’m going to miss specially my friends, and teachers. Now that i’m walking around campus for the last time it makes me remember everything that i went through, all the thousand times i walked up and downs all this hallways. I never really thought that my time in high school would come to an end this fast. Now i’m just a couple of days away to end this amazing journey in my life, and continue with the real world that is waiting for me out there. Thank you for everything, ONCE A BEAR ALWAYS A BEAR.!! GO BOWIE BEARS.

Fernando Rosas

First of all, I just wanna say thanks to all that people, friends and teachers that help me to survive my junior and senior year as a student here in Bowie High School, because when I was about to give up they didn’t let me fall. They make me feel good and  help me to introduce in some many activities on school. My friends help me too, in a way that i feel really accepted in their group, they help me to know some teachers and different things that people do on High school.

I wanna say thanks to my Dance instructor for all the support that she gave me, cause she was always there for any reason that i need help, she was always there when i felt bad, she always made me feel satisfied, she help me to learn how to say some words on english that i didn’t know how to pronounce. And also i have to say thanks to my first English teacher Ms. Morinsilva, because thanks to her I learn to write, read and speak english, she help to leave the fear and the shame into the side and start practicing my english although i don’t speak it good yet. But she make me feel confident of myself and understand a lot of things or ways to speak.My friends of summer school, whose are still been my friends during all my senior year, they make me feel good all the time, and as a group of friend we help us each other in some of our home-works, projects or expositions, we spend too much time together during school and also after school, they motivate me to always look forward, for that and more I wanna say thanks to they’ll.Finally, i conclude my senior year saying goodbye to all that people who made my last year of school one of the most memorables…

Karen Acosta

When I started my freshman year I didn’t know what to expect, in my years of being in middle school all my teachers talked about how hard it would be and how I would have to be on top of everything, and now that i’m a senior im proud to say that  all my hard work finally paid off, all the things that I did finally were worth it.Now that i’m a senior I think to myself how my junior year was the hardest of them all, but thanks to my teachers and my friends I could overcome that obstacle. Bowie high school has always been supportive and always tried to encourage me into activities. When people say that high school are the best years of you life I guess they were right. I know that when I leave from high school i’m going to miss hanging out with my friends, my teachers stressing me out about their class work but importantly i’m going to miss my routine. It’s going to be hard because i’ve been doing the same things for four years and now I’m on my own “in the real life” as other people might call it.I wanna take the time to say thank you to all the people who made me work harder and more motivated. Thank you bowie high school.

Kimberly Martinez

There have been a few moments that have impacted my life greatly, ones were tragic, sad, and life-changing but only Bowie changed it for the best. Bowie High School has been a place I call home for the past four years and has really instilled in me many important values just like at my own home. When I first came into Bowie my freshmen year, I did not know what to expect since I was coming in as a transfer. Everyone on the outside always portrayed this school in a negative way, but I knew there had to be more towards it. Throughout my four years here, I can definitely say that anyone who listens to the stereotypes of Bowie is most definitely wrong. This school has made a profound impact on my development from a young teenager to a young adult. This school taught me the importance of humility, passion, and perseverance. Although academics are extremely important, the extra-curricular activities I was in really prepared me to be a successful young adult. Thank you, to all the wonderful teachers who not only taught me the subject they were teaching but also taught me valuable life lessons. Bowie, thank you for teaching me the importance of being humble, how to value all I have and not take anything for granted, thank you for showing me year by year the confidence that I had built up inside me and how to showcase it more clearly. Not all years here were easy, but I definitely enjoyed all of them and took something very valuable from each year. Good-bye to coming every summer to practice for dance, planning homecoming week, staying late for football games, getting through Mr. Nail’s essays, writing cheat sheets for Calculus, staying for basketball games, doing concessions, going into Ms. Grace’s office every morning to do announcements, and enjoying every moment to the fullest. It was good while it lasted, but now it’s time to move on to bigger and better things!

Once a Bear, Always a Bear!

Jose Montoya

School, the place where for first time I started to studying in the United States and where I found who I am, the school gives me education, knowledge, free food and especially friends. This letter is dedicated for my friends, I wish you my best desires and vibes for all of them, because they were the best part of my senior year, they show me what is a true friendship and how it works. They always support me to be successful in school, we lived beautiful moments together and we get in troubles together too.You showed me what a true friend should be. I have found myself incredibly lucky and know that you are irreplaceable. I would go above and beyond for you. If you are hurting, then I am hurting. And that is how I know how much you mean to me. Life would be impossible to live without the support and love that you give.Friends make you do crazy things, but if I have to drive in the middle of the night to be there for you, then I will. One of my favorite things about being your friend is showing how much you mean to me. I will gift together all your favorite things to celebrate your good days and I will be there with tissues for the bad ones. But the day never matters, it’s the person that makes it worthwhile.They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer, don’t. Forget about your enemies and focus on the people that care about you. After all, they shape you into who you are. And you are as wonderful as they come.So thanks to Bowie High School for give me education and the best moments with my friends, and thank you for being you, and most importantly, for being you with me.

Paola Solanes

I am thankful for the time that i was given in this school and the opportunity to learn and grow as a person. I am thankful for the people that i’ve met and the wonderful memories that are now part of me. Now that is my last year i see how everything has been an influence in who i am and on the success that aspire to achieve. Throughout the years i have met so many great teachers that have inspired me deeply, and from them i learned how someone can be a better person and the passion to care for others. I always recognized how they would give their heart to their students for them to succeed. One of my greatest mentors was Mr. Ornelas who retired in the year 2018, he was a memorable person who cared for his students and encouraged them to seek for more and higher goals as he guided them through the process of completing them. I am grateful for those times and his wise advices.What i have seen in this school for the culture, the people and every single thing that make bowie different, i can say that this is a place for those who care and want to achieve so much in life. This school has a beautiful feeling to it and once again i am grateful for being part of Bowie High School.

Jose Molina

After four quick but yet exciting years of high school, i couldn’t be more thankful with all my teachers and also with my peers. High school has been a really fun trip but like always, everything must come to an end. I’m glad to say that my years in high school were very fun and unforgettable. Although most of the times i tend to play around in class, my teachers were all kind enough to always push me to the better.I want to thank my coaches also for always pushing and motivating me to succeed in school. All the times that they would push me to go to tutoring just so i could push that grade up a few more points. And all those times that they would tell me to stay away from the gangs and to focus on school. back then it all seemed like they would just bother me but i never really knew they would only doing it for my own good.High school had its ups and downs, for example, all those late nights doing homework or studying for a test. What i learned about this experience was that no matter what the assignment, is if you prepare yourself for it, you will always succeed on it.High school has been really exciting and now i’m glad but also upset that is over. I will sure miss all those times we would just sit around the pit and talk about the assignments that we had. All those times at practice when the coach would push all of us to our max. But most importantly i’ll miss the feeling of working hard the whole week just so you could step on the mat and feel that rush through your body and giving it your all at the matt, and at the end of the day you could go home with that gold medal and the respect of all the other folks in the gym.Four years flew past me and i didn’t even realize that one day it would be the last time that i sat with all my friends in the same spot during lunch. Although leaving all of this might seemed terrible, i really can’t wait for the future holds for me.

Cameron Leyva

When I entered last year in spring 2018; hanks high school then i was moved to Austin high school, now im in bowie.Thank you Mr. Vega for teaching me how to work with technology and using easy tips, thank you Ms. Trejo for teaching me how to use coping skills and how to manage my anger, Thank you Ms. Adame for having fun with me and making me laugh and for helping me with mywork, Thank you Ms. Quintero for helping me feel positive vibes, Thank you Mr. O’connor for helping me feel happy, And Thank you everyone for supporting me and making me feel great and good vibes.For my friend Michael “work really hard and you will achieve good grades”For my friend Alonso “don’t be lazy, get up, get active, and do all your work and finals”My future plans I’m planning is to work on making animated videos and uploading it on youtube, going to college, owning a restaurant business, making 3d props, and getting my drivers license.I just want to get things off my chest, I don’t like doing staar testing, I don’t like doing work on my own, I don’t like rude teachers, and I don’t like doing nothing all day.