Football Caps Hoco with Blow Out Victory Over EPHS

Melanie Diaz and Monique Diaz

After falling to El Paso High last year, their first loss to them in six years, and with Homecoming on their mind, the football team had a lot of pressure to win their first district game of the year. However, this was not last year, and now in a 3-1 start, they picked up an important district win. Here’s what some players had to say.

Iram Galindo, 10

“I didn’t feel pressured because I knew my teammates were not going to let me down. Before the game, I felt confident, ready just to start the game off. I was hyped and ready to play. Before the game, our coaches gave us motivation to win the game but I had a talk with my brother and he was motivating me to do good for this game and to put out a show for the people. I felt that the opposing team didn’t want it as bad as we did, they didn’t want that homecoming (W). I think I did really well in that game and my teammates helped a lot because it’s a team sport and we worked together and carried out with the win. Our goal for the game was to work as one, work together, work hard and put on a show.”

Jedian Sanchez, 10

“I felt confident before the game. There was motivation because of my parents. I felt like (El Paso) was going to be an easy match up. I feel like I did better than I thought I would. I did expect a win, we are Bowie High School. My goal was just to come back better from an injury by getting the win and starting the district season off good.”

Justin Diaz, 12

“There was pressure, it made me feel nervous. My family and friends were here to support me so I felt ready. My coach gave me advice before the game and gave me the confidence that I needed. I felt like they weren’t good but they were tough. I think I did the best I could. I felt like we all tried our hardest and we really put ourselves out there. I expected for us to win. My goal for the game was to score touchdowns and win my last homecoming game.”