Short Lunch

Evelyn Gomez, 12

I spend most of my time in the store.  I used to go to with teachers to get worked that I need and do my work there.  Its not okay because the lines get super long and we don’t have time to eat. No, because theres time were we don’t even get to eat. I usually spent it with my friends, I think it is wrong because they only give us one day to eat good.

Axel Rodriguez, 12

Normally I eat at the cafeteria. I used to take my time to eat and rest, take a break from my classes. I think it’s not sufficient because it’s less time and I spend all my time at the line in the cafeteria and the line is very long. I haven’t seen nothing productive on this, I haven’t seen a change. Sometimes I used to spend time with my friends,  and to make up work for example if I had homework I would do it in my lunch time but now I can’t.   I think they did that to get us a little satisfied but it is not enough.

Federico Moncada, 12

I spend it in the cafeteria with my friends. I used to go to eat then i would go with my friends to walk and if dint to that I used to go to meetings or do class work. I think that is wrong because a lot of us have to attend meeting and it affects them because we don’t have time for therm during launch to assist them and the 30 mints are not enough for them and after school some of us need to assist sports and some need to assist tutoring. I think that does not help in any ting and the rinse at the cafeteria are long and a lot of those people don’t get food because there’s so little time. With my friend in the cafeteria. I think is okay because I’m in the 12th grade and we would have time to make a peparally.

Kayla Flores, 10

I eat at “La Central” I used to take longer eating and talking with my friends and used to go to any class and do my work. It’s ugly because i don’t have enough time to eat. No because i say no. With my friends. That is a tramp for us to not be bothering them. 

Octavio Santana, 10

At a class. I used to go outside and get Maruchan. It sucks because you can not go out like before and know when we go out and come back we have like 3 or 2 minutes. No because we don’t do anything. With my friends. I think is not okay because it only one day and they should do it 3 days at least.