Sunday Fun Run

Jackie Urrutia and Hector Montes

It’s the 2nd annual year that Bowie participates in a race and Bowie Jardin is taking part of it this year.

Juan Adame, helper in the Bowie Jardin, states that they have been reaching out to the community, to all students and schools to be part of the race. 

“So basically we are trying to reach out to the whole community, we’re trying to reach out to the whole students here, the school. We’ve been trying to reach out to a school leader pattern, which is basically if you come and run and if you find a sponsor to pay for you to run for Bowie High school it’s just 10 dollars and for the rest of the people is 20, then the day of the race is 25. But yeah that’s basically the whole community and support,” Mr. Adame said.

The whole race is to collect funds to have for the end of year for Bowie Jardin and also to put money for scholarships.

“So the purpose is to collect funds to have for the end of the year for Bowie Jardin, you know we  basically have a scholarship recipients at the end of the year, so if we continue to give like I think it’s 4 years that they get out of school scholarship. So if you think about it each year we are adding 2 more and we are still paying the ones that haven’t graduated and they are on their 3rd year now. It is basically a scholarship for you to run the whole things during the year with the jardin, mercado and cocina,” Mr. Adame said.

They have been coordinating with the company Up and Running which does this events and races, and since it’s our second year in the race, we’ll try to grow to be a lot more prepared for the following years.

“We’ve been pretty much working with Up and Running which is the company that does this type of races and we have been coordinating with that and we’ve been trying to reach out to the school. This is our second year and I guess each year we’re learning how to prepare more for the race but that’s the way it’s been done,” Mr. Adame said.

The race will take place in the administration building in one of the corners on October 27 at 8 am.

“So it will start in front of the administration building in one of the corners and it will go up San Marcial and then a left turn on Bear Country and then back and I think there is going to be a turn before they get to the stadium and they will come back to Bear Country and then again back down San Marcial. As soon as they hit Delta, they’re going to take a left, run away from Bowie, they are going to pass Chamizal, pass the boys and girls club then there is a street there and they will make a little turn, and then come back to where they started,” Mr. Adame said.


Here are some pictures from last year Bowie’s running event: