What’s Your Favorite Popular Thing?

Jose Gallarzo and Luis Terrazas

Kevin Villagrana 

“My favorite popular thing right now is lil T Jay songs. They are my favorite songs because I like the flow of the music, the lyrics and I also admire him because his young and his at the top right now. He started becoming popular by posting his own music in his Instagram and also by people(streamers) using his music to create montages.”

Leyza Moreno

“The new song by Karol G and Niki Minaj- Tusa. Karol G is my favorite artist currently, and that song was just the best one out right now. It got popular because someone made a meme of Niki’s part and it blew up.”

Moises Vasquez

“My favorite popular thing is Skating. It really amazes me what people can do with just a piece of wood with two pairs of wheels. Skating videos was a main factor for it to blow up these past few years.”

Dillon Uribe

“My favorite popular thing right now is bad bunny, I’ve been obsessed with him for the last 5 months, because he’s been doing different kind of music. Benito won a latin grammy in best urban album the last month, it is a different type of vibe and music, X100pre is an album everyone should listen to. To be fully honest, I don’t know how he became popular, he’s been around 3 years in the music industry, and he has been one of the most influential urban artists in the past 2 years.”

Dylan Loya

“My favorite popular thing right now is soccer.It is my favorite because I feel it is the only thing i’m good at and something I actually enjoy doing. To be honest, I really don’t know how it became popular.”