How Many Phones Have You Had?

Giselle Cano, Writer

Manuel Trevizo

“I’ve had like a total of nine or ten phones because they always end up falling and breaking so they stop working  and I just end up having to get a new one.”

Ana Ortiz

“I’ve had six phones because I lose them or end up breaking them. They’ve been all different types of phones and the one I liked the most is an iPhone.”

Jair Espinoza

“Something close to 5, and I change phones a lot because I never use any type of phone cases so they break real quick. I use the same brand, I never switch to any other than iPhone.”

Aaron Ortiz

“I had a total of three and I’ve changed them all because I bought a new one and the other one because broke, but I like better the one I have currently.”

Jessica Chaparro

“I’ve had six phones in high school, I got more in my freshman year, I would get a phone and not like it one month later so I would get another one. All of them were different brands and I liked better a Samsung Note.