Making it Count

Dominic Garduza is a football and basketball player that is always playing with a lot of effort.

Playing football and basketball at Bowie is something that Dominic Garduza enjoys because he really likes sports.

“I decided to join football cause I’ve played that sport since I was little,” Garduza said.

Dominic Garduza said that he likes playing those sport with Jose Mesa and many other friends.

“The thing that I like about football is that is a very aggressive sport and that I like to hit,” Garduza said

He like every single practice, and games he enjoys every single opportunity he has to play football or basketball.

“I decided to start playing football at 6 years old because one person made me go and play on city league,” Garduza said.

Garduza wants to get a scholarship in football so he can keep playing his favorite sport.

“Yes, I’m trying to get a scholarship first and then try to get to the pros,” Garduza said.

He has faced a lot of challenges during his athletic days.

“The biggest challenge I’ve faced is when I have a small team and we play versus a bigger team that has like 50 players because when we do that we don’t get a lot of subs so we could rest and we have to play all the game,” Garduza said.

He has learned many things during the year he has plays football.

“Yes, the thing is that if you don’t work hard you ain’t gonna accomplished nothing in your life,” Garduza said.

Garduza has not only played football, he has also played basketball.

He knows exactly how to play both sports he maintains to play both sports easy.

“It’s not that hard cause I play a sport at the time,” Garduza said.

He has played basketball since middle school he tried it and liked it since then.

“I’ve been playing since 7th-grade cause in lunch I used to play a lot with my friends,” Garduza said.

Garduza’s friends are got Dominick into basketball.

“The people that inspire me to play are my friends because they told me that it was a fun sport,” Garduza said.

Jose Meza said that Garduza is always supporting and motivating his team. It’s very cool to play with a person like him.

“I enjoy playing football with Dominic, he is a very athletic player, he is very aggressive, he is in the games and that makes it fun,” Meza said.