Seniors Challenged by Admin to Improve Attendance, Grades


Seniors not taking Opportunities

Seniors are on the last year of their high school experience, they should enjoy it as much as possible. The only problem is that the majority of seniors have bad grades and bad attendance. They don’t realize how much this can affect them in their process of graduating. They should still put as much effort in their last year just how they did throughout every year. Mr. Renteria, a math teacher, complained about this issue to the principal. He claims that seniors are not putting as much effort and should step their game up.

Michelle is one of Mr. Renteria’s students in his 8th-period class. “It is hard in general, but it makes it harder that he doesn’t speak loud enough so everyone can hear him.” Marlene Moreno said. She claims that his class is challenging and how it is harder that he doesn’t speak loud and clear enough so everyone can hear him. “I was very lazy when it came to doing do work and almost never paid attention to what he was saying,” Moreno said. She explains the reasons why she was failing Mr. Renteria’s class, the issue he claimed to the principal.

Karla is another of Mr. Renteria’s student. “My grades were bad but then going to tutoring helped because I raised a lot my grade,” Karla Arreola said. Karla clarifies hear that she was failing his class but she decided to go to tutoring and raised her grade up. “Yes, as well to the fact that I can’t hear him, he talks very low. And it doesn’t help that I sit at the very far back,” Arreola said. As Michelle said, it is a very hard class and a complaint about how he doesn’t speak loud enough.

Math teacher, Mr. Renteria, was the person who brought this to attention. “Lack of motivation, addiction to cell phones, and friends that are pulling them negatively instead of encouraging them positively,” Mr. Renteria said. What’s he trying to clarify is that many students are growing bad habits of not taking school seriously. ” “I do, I give 14 hours of tutoring every week and every day I say, “Come to tutoring, come prepared for tests,” Renteria said. He even offers students chances to pass his class, but they don’t take advantage of it.




Seniors not Caring?

For many years the counselors and teachers from Bowie high school had been helping all the students to get their grades up, especially the seniors. 12th graders have been failing their classes and doing semester average.
This past 2018 semester, most of the seniors were falling or with a really low grade that the finals could get down if they don’t pass.
Most of the seniors were called to the counselor office or they went by their self because they were worried about their grades and how are they going to get the credit in order to graduate.
“They can average their grades from semester one and semester two that way they can save the whole year, also we gave them options about after school or before school Enginuity courses which they can take on the computer and get the credits that they need,” Mr. Aguirre said.
He also said that the reason that seniors are failing is that students are not taking their grades and classes seriously.
“It seems that (some) seniors are not taking it too seriously, also maybe some of them are, and the subject is just too difficult and it’s okay not everyone knows and not everyone is good at some subjects,” Mr. Aguirre said.
He also said that attendance is also one of the problems that are making students fall apart in their grades.
“attendance is an issue because, if students are not attending the classes and they are not coming to school or they are just skipping some classes and just going to a few classes then that definitely can affect their grades because the classes are now 90 minutes long and that so much work left behind if they are not attending their classes,” Aguirre said.
“It’s not all a disaster,” Aguirre said. “There is still some time to get everything together.”
There is at least one senior that has her opinions and thoughts about this senior situation. Katherine Villegas is one of the students who is doing everything well in school, she has her ups and downs in her grade report, but that doesn’t stop her even if she is afraid she does her best to get to graduation
“We all are beginning to adult and it seems scary, I know me that my grades go up and down just because like I’m scared to be adult, I don’t want to reach that point when I have to walk across the stage and I know that is going to happen eventually so my advice is to keep up your grades so you can actually get there” she said,
seniors are on the brink of making some of the biggest decisions of their lives, and for many students and their parents, it will feel as if this moment came sooner than they anticipated. Also knowing that students are missing school and that’s bringing their grades down she is upset about it
“I think is an issue, when they (Bowie staff) pull us out for the senior meeting they were telling us about attendance and stuff like that, I know that sometimes I’m late to class so I can’t say that I am great there is sometimes I just don’t want to go to class so I just don’t go, I just think that seniors just don’t realize the importance of being in school and be in class on time” Villegas said.
When students are absent for fewer days, their grades and reading skills often improve—even among those students who are struggling in school. Students who attend school regularly also feel more connected to their community, develop important social skills and friendships, and are significantly more likely to graduate from high school, setting them up for a strong future.