Then vs. Now

Jacquelyn Urrutia and Arlen Solis

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Carlos Varela, 11

He misses going to his grandma’s house and playing games with his cousins. His favorite childhood cartoon was Tom and Jerry. Bumblebee from Transformers was his favorite toy that he still has it til this day. “The most embarrassing moment from my childhood was that I ran into a mirror once at store. A memorable moment has to be getting my first football hit,” Varela said.


Veronica Chavez, 11

She misses being with her family and hanging out with them. Her favorite childhood cartoon was the Powerpuff Girls. She still has a barbie that she got for her 1 year birthday party as a gift. “The most embarrassing moment has to be when I tripped in the crosswalk and everyone saw me and I cried,” Chavez said.

Lucia Barba, 11

She misses the games she used to play in her childhood like the airplane, tag, hide and go seek, those were her ultimate childhood memory.“One of my favorite childhood memory is when I used to hang out with my friends from the neighborhood and just do pranks to the cars or to the neighbors,” Barba said.


Luis Picazo, 11

He misses playing with his cousins. His favorite cartoon was Tom and Jerry and all Cartoon Network programs. He still has his Captain America action figure in his room. “The most embarrassing thing from my childhood is that I accidentally got lost in the store and I cried for my mom and she was right behind me laughing,” Picazo said.