Another DJ on the rise


JacQuelyn Urrutia, Staff Writer

Friends that are really close with Damian Garibay, 10, say he is really good at creating a type of music because he puts a lot of emotion and all his creativity to create a fire mix.

“Yes, like he is a fun guy and I think that could really be a simpler way to gain more fans, and people noticing him for the talent he has and not for his personality. I mean like the personality is important, too, but the most important thing is people enjoying his mix and listening to them all day long,” his friend, Moises Vazquez, 10, said.

All his mixes are made to be enjoyed by the teenagers that listen to this type of music. Even if you don’t like that type of music, with his mixes, he will definitely make you love the genre and every different rhythm that each song has.

“He puts too much effort and too much emotion in his mixes and like, he wants his mixes to be good and enjoyable for teenagers . He loves doing these mixes and he wants people to be happy when people are hearing his mixes,” his friend, Christian Gonzalez, 11, said.

Damian has been working hard on being unique and having fun with his friends, who give him advice on how to make enjoyable music. All that is left having people hear Damian’s mix and blow up just like DJs are today.

“Yeah, I want to be famous and have fans in all the world and have a bunch of people compliment on my music, but, the fame won’t change me. I will always be the funny, kind hearted guy I am and that will never change until I die,” Garibay said.