New Tech Project

Teachers just follow the agenda, Mr.Padilla is doing a project about Africa, reading and writing. Some students may think it’s not important because we live in America but it is, students need to know about racism. It is going to help students to know about World geography.


We are going to start on the mapping, we are going to make maps of Africa and North America,” Padilla said.


It started on March, 11 and it’s going for one month. It’s going to be just for New Tech and his class.

Now they are getting prepared for the tests. They are studying about technology to write an essay.

To some of the students like Hiram Galindo it’s very easy because they can relate to it because they’re teenagers and they go through that stuff.

“ The essay would help me see the more purpose of technology,” Galindo said.

It also  going to help them know about how technology helps and harms them.12