What Are Your Plans On Spring Break?

Paola Solanes and Alan Banuelos

Ivan Cortez, 12th

I’m going to travel to the mountain range. I’m going to enjoy the time with my family and learn about the place.

Sebastian Salazar, 11th

I don’t think we are gonna travel unless my parents want to at some point. I think I’m just gonna relax and finish up my work because its been piling up on me but i’ll get through it. I live far so i don’t think i’ll see any of my friends unless we play any game online.

Angelica Barraza, 12th

I’m going to rest since its been a while in school and we need to rest from what we’ve done. I think i’m going with my family to Juarez and with friends as well since it’s better that way. I like to go there since it’s really fun to hang out over there

Jennifer Sanchez, 12th

First of all, on Monday i will still be cleaning my room since its very messy; on Tuesday i will go with my two friends to buy my dress for prom; on Wednesday im gonna hang out with my other two friends and probably go out for breakfast or to dinner; Thursday i’m going to peter piper pizza with some friends; and Friday i’ll be hangout with my mom and Saturday as well; and Sunday is a family day.

Roxana Morales, 12th

I’m going to work and hang out with my friends, we’ll go to a friend’s house and probably watch a movie. I wont see my family a lot since they work.