Trick or Treat!

Wendy Hernandez and Vianney Guardado

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Alexandra Avalos, 12

I’m going to be a Joker Angel for Halloween! I liked it because I don’t know, I just liked makeup.I am going to make it, because is not so difficult to do it. I like to go to haunted houses but I don’t always go. My plans for this Halloween is to go trick or treating with my friends and have a nice time. I do like trick or treat, why not? Despite the fact that I’m already 18, why not be able to continue asking for trick or treat at last and there are more adults also asking for their trick or treat.


 Leslie Arezmendez, 12

I’m going to be a Skeleton – Catrina for Halloween. I have never dress up as one and Dia de Los Muertos gave me the idea for it. I would like to try to make my custom to make it just to give it my essence. Yes,  I like to go to haunted houses just to feel the adrenaline through my body. My plans for Halloween is to go trick or treating with my bestie and later watch horror movies at my house.


Lucia Barba, 12

I’m going to be Pucca for Halloween. I dressed up as Pucca because is one of my favorite cartoons. Make my own costume because I think that is better and the effort it shows. I like them but it depends on how scary is. Go with my family trick or treat. I still trick or treat and people say that I am too old but where it says that going trick or treating has an age limit.


Miriam Garcia, 12

I’m going to dress up as the Purge for Halloween. My aunt wanted us to be all part of The Purge so that’s the reason. I have no idea if I’m making it or buying it. Yes, that’s the reason I like Halloween. Even though I hate scared essay. Go with my family. Yes, I’m going with my family. 


Pablo Rodríguez, 10

I am going to be Skeleton for Halloween. I chose this costume because it looks cool. I am going to buy my costume because I am too lazy to do it myself. Yes, I like going to haunted houses because they are a fun activity to do with your friends.My plans for Halloween are taking the candy from little kids. Yes, I still trick or treat. Yes, I wish I could still trick or treat.