Oct.31 Halloween

Display the darkness of the night. A day where every teen can go out and feel like a kid asking for candy. Our growler cut up with student and asked teh their favorite part about halloween.

Alexandra Avalos 12th 

Im going to dress up as Joker Angel. I don’t know i think i chooed that costum because I just liked makeup.I am going to make it, because is not so difficult to do it. I like to go to haunted houses but I don’t always go. My plans for this Halloween is to go trick or treating with my friends and have a nice time. Yes i go to trick or treat why not. Despite the fact that I’m already 18, why not be able to continue asking for trick or treat at last and there are more adults also asking for their trick or treat.







Lucia Barba 12th

Im going to dress up as Pucca. Im dressing up as Pucca because is one of my favorite cartoons. Im going to make my own costume because I think that is better and the effort it shows. I like haunted houses but it depends on how scary is. Im going with my family to trick or treat. I still trick or treat and people say that I am to big but where it says that going trick or treating has an age limit.







Leslie Arezmendez 12th

Im dressing as Skeleton – Catrina. I have never dress up as one and dia de muertos gave me the idea for it. I0 would like to try to make my custom to make it just to give it my essence. Yes , I like to go to haunted houses just to feel the adrenaline through my body. My plans for Halloween is to go trick or treating with my bestie and later watch horror movies at my house. Yes i still go trick or treat. Yes I really miss going trick or treat with my family like as before.







Miriam Garcia 12th

im dressing up as The Purge. i choose the The Purge my aunt wanted us to be all part of it. I have no idea if i want to make my costume. Yes i like haunted houses.Even though I hate scared essay. i’m going to treat or trick with my family. I don’t care and still go trick or treating. 








Pablo Rodríguez 10th 

I am going to be Skeletor for Halloween. I chose this costume because it looks cool.I  am going to buy my costume because I am too lazy to do it myself. Yes, I like going to haunted houses because they are a fun activity to do with your friends. My plans for Halloween are taking the candy from little kids. Yes I still trick or treat. Yes I wish I could still trick or treat.






Carlos Soto 12th

 My favorite part of Halloween is to convive with friends and walk in the streets and enjoy the moment.The best custom i have worn is the  one that I’m wearing  of Jack Sparrow.Oh what i miss I miss the coexistence, before there was more coexistence now there are less people through the streets. My plas for today is to go out with my friends.My favorite candy is Kit-Kat 







Derek Aguirre 12th 

 The  best part is dress up part. the best costume that i haved worn is  La Princesa Perra. I had more freedom. Yes i do have plas.  My favorite candy is Jolly rancher.









Emily Arango 12th 

My favorite part about halloween is when everybody dress up and we can enjoy a good moment. a lot of time ago i was dress up i think as a witch. i miss That i used to get more candies but now that i’m older i dont get that much. No i don’t have plans for today.My favorite candy is Jolly rancher.








Josue Mata 10th 

My favorite part of halloween is when they give me candies and to make a mess. The best costum i haved worn is this one that i have right now a clown. Something that i miss wen is was a kid is that now they don’t give good candies like before now they give less. My plas for today is going Trick or treat. My favorite type of candy is Kit-Kat.








Aylin Medina 11th

the best part about halloween is that i get candy. The best halloween costume is the one that i’m wearing now. something that i miss when i was small was that i got more candy.Yes that i’m going to get candy. My favorite candy is chocolate.