National Technology Day

Dillon Uribe and Ashley Gurrola

Eduardo Moreno, 11th Grade

‘I mainly use my phone and laptop on a daily basis. I don’t really have a favorite brand, I think they all are worth the same and use for the same purpose. Like I said, I don’t think it matters because they all do the same thing, unless you want it for something specific. I think technology is important because it helps the world out so much by giving a lot of information for your daily basis. Technology can be life changing but it can have its pros and cons because not everything in technology is good.’

Stephanie Perez, 11th Grade

‘I mostly use my cellphone everyday and sometimes my laptop, mainly for school. My favorite brand is Apple because their products are really useful and have a really good camera quality. It really depends on your own needs because you’re obviously going to spend your money on a brand that you know is better and for what you need it for. Technology is important because it shows how much we as a society have improved the past years. Technology is life changing, because you can do almost anything through a phone, computer or even a smart watch.’

Josh Escarcega, 11th grade

I use my cell phone a lot, like everyday. My favorite brand is Apple because it’s the most advanced and easiest to use. I think it does matter a lot because other brands can be cheaper but not very beneficial. Technology is important because it connects people, news, entertainment, all around the world. Yes indeed it is very life changing, we’re much faster, advanced, and educated because of it.’

Karla Quintana, 10th grade

‘I mainly use my phone, but I use my laptop at school. My favorite brand is Android, because Apple is kind of difficult, and it is easier to work with an android device. No, I don’t think the brand doesn’t matter, if you can use easier, and it really works, everything is right. Technology is important because is a way to communicate with people around the world, and makes it easier. Yes, I do think technology does change someones life, because my grandma is way too far from me, and it makes it easier to talk with her.’

Norma Otero, 9th grade


I use my cell phone everyday to be honest. My favorite brand is Samsung because I own mostly Samsung items. Not really, I don’t think the brand really matters, as long as the item works fine. It is important to have some sort of technology because it helps people connect more easily everyday and makes everyday life easier. Technology is life changing because there is new technology everyday that helps fix problems, for example, technology in the medical field.