International Women’s day

Dillon Uribe, Writers

Vanya Cardenas, 11, said that this day is an important day to women, what happened that March 8th, 1857 in New York shocked the whole world, and may be honored. 

“I personally think it is important because women are very crucial and important in this world,” Cardenas said. 

Jessica Chaparro, 12, said that as a society we need to improve more culturally, and morally. “Some people don’t realize how male chauvinist it is; some of our culture is and how we need to change it,” Chaparro said.

Chaparro said that what happened this past March 9th, 2020 in Mexico was very important to the country’s history. It will help the Mexican women community, because every day there are 10 femicides. 

“I’m really proud of those incredible women that are doing that to make a change. They know that they are losing maybe a day in job or other things in hope that others see how women are important to society. Is a very important event in history in Mexico,” Chaparro said.

Elizabeth Duarte, 12, said that feminist are making a change in the world. More women are joining this massive community of women and radicals 

“ In some way I do consider myself feminist of equality towards women,” Duarte said.

Duarte said that the woman that she most admires is her mom. She is a strong and independent woman, she has overcome every obstacle that life has given her. 

“She has shown me how to be a strong woman even when there is bad things going on,” Duarte said.

Chaparro said that the woman she is inspired by is her aunt. She feels admiration for her because her aunt is doing everything possible to put the man who killed her daughter in jail.

 “ I think that even if it hurts she’s trying to get justice for her daughter,” Chaparro said

Cardenas said that she really admires her mom, she was abused by her second husband. 

“My mom, and my grandma are my biggest inspiration. They have been through a lot of abuse, and they keep strong and both have been successful.” Cardenas said.