Fine arts teacher leaves lasting impact on students

Irving Rodriguez, 12th, and Ms. Rios

Irving Rodriguez, 12th, and Ms. Rios

Irving Rodriguez

Since I arrived at Bowie four years ago, I decided to join the mariachi group because I became friends with some of the people in the group. Luckily, I was welcomed, and I did not feel weird even though I was the new kid that did not know how to play mariachi music.

In that class, I was able to meet my now-favorite teacher, Ms. Rios, who helped me throughout the way and helped me be part of the group. Her passion for music helped many people. “I love Bowie students and the amazing mariachi group that we have become,” Rios said.

Ms. Rios is always trying to help and make sure everyone was having fun as well as practicing the music for events. She would always walk to us about her journey into becoming a fine arts teacher. “I always liked music, especially singing,” she said, “that’s why now I’m a choir teacher.”

Probably the best part of the group was being able to sing, because there was just more than us singing a couple of lyrics to a song; we put our souls into those lyrics to be able to make people feel the song. “The culture here at Bowie is just like a family, feel the music like you’re at a party, sing your hearts out and just have fun because this is why we are performing,”Rios said.

Overall, Ms. Rios’ personality is always so fun; she is a person you can be yourself with and have fun with, especially when we used to play at different events. I am extremely thankful that I was able to spend time with the group and Ms. Rios and have fun at the events while it lasted. Now that I am a graduating senior, I will take such amazing memories once I am in college and remember them.