Teacher Spotlight: Meet Ms. Pritchard

Kaylee Baray, 12th, poses with Ms. Pritchard

Kaylee Baray, 12th, poses with Ms. Pritchard

Kaylee Baray

Welcome to Bowie High School, home of the Bowie bears! I’d like to introduce to you one of our Bowie Bear teachers, Mrs. Pritchard. Let me tell you, Mrs. Pritchard is one of the most fantastic teachers ever. She loves “The Little Mermaid,” loves telling her kids stories, and enjoys doing hands-on projects with them.

Mrs. Pritchard is one of our English teachers here at school; she teaches English 2. Once you get to know Mrs. Pritchard, she is a loving, caring, energetic, motivating, amazing, and fun teacher. How long has she been teaching here, you may ask? “I have been teaching for three wonderful years!” Mrs. Pritchard said.

Working through the pandemic has been a bit hard for Mrs. Pritchard, due to the fact that she loves doing projects with her kids.  “I really love project-based learning, so I do at least one a month!” It is amazing how Mrs. Pritchard keeps her kids working while they have fun.

“My favorite project I did with my kids was the invention project,” Mrs. Pritchard says. “The kids had to invent a product, advertise and market it, and sell it. They learned about rhetoric, persuasion, marketing, advertising, and real-life skills for outside the classroom.”

Despite having to deal with virtual school, Mrs. Pritchard is still making the best of it. “Although the pandemic has changed the way I do projects, I still do try to do them. Now they are more things like PowerPoints and videos. I personally prefer hands on activities like posters and crafting. I really miss it because not only is the project hands on, but it’s way more fun that way! I definitely miss seeing my students because they are truly what make teaching an amazing experience. It’s not the same talking to a screen all day,” she says.

Even though this has been a tough year for everyone, teachers try and make class fun for their kids just like Mrs. Pritchard is doing. She misses seeing her kids face-to-face and interacting with them while doing projects and telling them crazy stories. “My best memory at Bowie is hard to pinpoint,” Mrs. Pritchard says. “Pretty much any time I got to spend with my students in the classroom before COVID hit. I miss the in-person interaction.”