Banuelas’ Teaching Reasons

Brian Chairez and Mellanie Flores

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Ms. Anna Banuelas is a business administration teacher, whose extensive knowledge in business pushed her to become a teacher, where she will be finishing her career in the coming year.

Ms. Banuelas said that she was going to school to achieve a degree of business administration. She also said that her supervisor suggested her to teach with all the credits that she had, so she could become a teacher in business. That was when she switched degrees to get her teacher certification.

My parents had always encouraged us to get an education. They would tell us that without an education it would be hard to get a good job so that’s why I went and got my Bachelor’s degree. I’m about to retire so I’m just going to relax and destress,” Ms. Banuelas said.

Ms. Banuelas said that with her making it this far, seeing all of her ex-students do well outside of high school, outside of college is her biggest accomplishment. She said a lot of them have gone on to do amazing work, they got better jobs, they moved out of town, they have families.

Ms. Banuelas said that she has been grateful for her co-workers as they’ve helped her get through obstacles, supported and helped during her career. 

Ms. Banuelas said that she didn’t have someone to inspire her in becoming a business teacher.

“I don’t think I had as many as some people have. I know you have a little you tend to work with people that think differently than you and of course it takes a while to get used to working with people with different attitudes and different temperaments but overall I don’t think I have a big obstacles to go through as other people,” Ms. Banuelas said.

Ms. Banuelas said that she would say to young teens that need a lot of patience: good luck.