Despite the Obstacles, the Fun Must Go On


As Homecoming was in full effect, the fun had to continue.

Senior student Daniela Aguilera is not wasting time to taking advantage of any opportunity to have fun with the homecoming activities, she dressed up as the 80’s this past Thursday.

“I was inspired to dress up like this because it’s my senior year, which means it’s my last year that I am going to experience all of these high school activities,” Aguilera said.

Amy Garcia, 12, and her boyfriend, Joel Cano, 11, are not losing the opportunity to shine as a couple at Bowie High School. That week, they were dressing up together and having a good time while looking good.

“I dressed up like this because it reminds me of the old times and also I want it to be matching with my boyfriend. Also, we want it to grab people’s attention and look cool,” Garcia said.

Adolfo Polanco, 12, is a very known senior this year with his outgoing ideas. He dressed up like a Rock n Roll star this week and his hair was the best thing of his outfit.

“The truth is that I have so many memories as a kid and now that I have the opportunity to dress like my ancestors, it is so exciting and so much fun,” Polanco said.

As the student activities director, Mr. Sam Attel is the main one to bring out the school spirit and joy. He tries to bring smiles and memories to students.

“It’s great, it’s fantastic, it’s fun to see how the students are having a good time even though there is a lot going on with the outside world. The whole purpose is to have fun and getting involved and having school spirit,” Mr. Attel said.

For many years, homecoming week has become a part of Bowie High Schools tradition. Where teachers and staff get to welcome students back to there education by dressing up and playing games for a whole week.

This past 2018 homecoming week was a little difficult for some teachers and staff because of testing and getting teams ready for homecoming week.

For example, homecoming week was difficult for Mrs. Castaneda because she had to get the dance team ready for the assembly show on Friday. However, she wanted to dress up as the ‘50s for Tuesday.

“I just wanted for students to see that if teacher dress up, that maybe it would encourage them to also dress up and participate,” Mrs. Castaneda said.

As homecoming week goes by there is bad and good times that will remain history in school. For example, although not a lot of students participated in games or dress up days many teachers made the effort to take part of homecoming week in order to  encourage students to have more school spirit like Mr. Barragan.

“Gandhi said, ‘be part of the solution you know the solution to the world.’ You want to complain (about) something well be part of the solution, complain of us not having any fun, some teacher don’t participate either so when I want (to) be part of it, the students will think ‘Barragan is doing it why not me?’” Mr. Barragan said.

During the year the campus has had new teachers like Mrs. Sotelo that has never experienced a homecoming week. She said she comes from Mexico and she have different traditions from the ones here. In Mexico, they don’t do homecoming week instead they do jokes to welcome the students.

“I grew up in Mexico so in Mexico we don’t do the way they do it  in the United States. We do it differently but i remember the welcoming of the seniors and they were allowed to do jokes but not heavy jokes like they threw flour and water so they make engrudo and they threw it at us and we were like ahhhh,” Mrs. Sotelo said.

Homecoming week could have been difficult and fun, but the most important thing about this is that students and teacher come up together to dress up and play games and can be able to show school spirit.

Choir teacher Ms. Rios is a very outgoing teacher who loves to have fun and get involved in every school activity. She said that participating in school games or activities makes school a little bit less stressful. She dressed up this Wednesday as ‘60s and ‘70s.

“It is fun, it is great, I think it is an awesome idea that the students are involved in the school and have a good time and also have a little bit more of school spirit,” Ms. Rios said.

Dress Up Days