Project Coco

Nathassja Jaquez, Staff Writers


Project Coco was an emotional assembly filled with tradition and heritage. Mr. Joel Rodriguez, teacher of Mexican-American studies, did an prodigious job setting up for this Dia de Muertos project that involved students and teachers decorating the school’s courtyard with colorful and creative ofrendas and altares for their loved ones who passed away.

“I was a little flabbergasted by the event because I didn’t … I mean… I guess you think of something, right but then you talk to other people and then people start collaborating and so a simple idea turns into something like this. So did it exceed my expectations? Yes absolutely,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez enjoyed every aspect of the event, from the students participating to all the hard work and dedication everyone showed when working on the project.

“I actually did enjoyed a lot but what I enjoyed the most was actually the work, hanging out with the students, all the work in class, all the painting, all the learning, all the reading and writing and it’s always about the work, it’s always about the ride and at the end if you work hard enough it’s going to pay off by itself so yeah I loved it,” Rodriguez said….


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