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Alexa Ramos and John Chavez

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  1. As you grew up, did Christmas or Thanksgiving change?
  2. Does the family mood changes as the holidays get closer?

“Yeah, pos when i was little…er it seems, pos it was different because, my mom had money, and pues, she didn’t have money, but it was easier for her to buy presents for just two kids. But when my little brother and sister came, that’s when it got harder for her to buy presents for all of us and I started used to not getting gifts for Christmas. And now I think the only people that stuck by, are like, maybe three tias, and they don’t really have money either, they don’t really get much presents which is fine i don’t care. My mom doesn’t like Christmas, she’s a scrood. She changes all the Christmas songs. I like Christmas I guess, so I get happy and my mom gets mad” – Katherine Villegas, 12, said.

“Yes, it changed, because, it changed in a way that, many of my cousins prefer to use technology than hang out with me and play with my giftsYes, it changes, because, when Christmas is getting close my parents get happy but they also get stressed because they need to buy gifts for me and my brother.” – Grace Vargas, 11, said.

“Well the things that changed is the family it drifted apart and they don’t celebrate Christmas that much, it’s not like before when all the family came along. Yes, because there was a lot of problems in the family and if we get together, you can feel the tension in the room.” – Gael Bustamante, 9, said.

“With the family it got smaller and well I don’t receive presents. It gets sad because most of my family passed away and it’s not the same.” – Jorge Morales, 10, said.

“It did because when you were little we didn’t understand much all you think about is the food and the gifts you received, now that I’m older and you buy the gift and then you can see other people happy not just yourself. Well most of the time it doesn’t because I mean your family buy sometimes you’re remember those that left earlier than you and you remember all of those nice stuff and it depends on how good of a family you are.” – Perla Bouche, 10, said.

“Ohh yeah, drama my family is in a fight, I don’t participate no more, and I’m not happy about the occasion like before when I was a kid. Yes, because they don’t know what to do.” – Octavio Santana, 9, said.