The Assistant’s Experience for Veterans Day

Claudia Vazquez and Faith Hernandez

What two events did you assist for veterans day?

How was your experience on doing those two events?


Chief Garcia

  1. “The first event that we attended was veterans day parade on Saturday downtown traditional once a year eh many organizations all the schools that make up El Paso, Ysleta, Socorro, as far as, ah also Antony, Gadsden everybody attended the parade all the ROTC programs in the district and outside of the district also we on Sunday we attended a shriner circus event were we performed the Color Guard for ahh, such organization Sunday evening,” Chief Garcia said.
  2. “It’s a very nice experience a yearly experience because we commemorate practically a 100 years were all the hostile engagements stopped and so we honor our veterans by ahh such events,” Garcia said.



Karla Reyes

  1. “I assist to the parade and I was doing arm which consisted on doing movements with a rifle,” Reyes said.
  2. ‘It was a cool experience because we passed by all the people watching the parade and they would yell at us and tale us that we did a good job and that we looked good,” Reyes said.


Alejandro Benavente

  1. “On Saturday, we attended the parade at downtown to commemorate the veterans that served our homeland. The second event was Color Guard in which we went to give a performance for the circus to finalize there last presentation of their show here in El Paso,” Benavente said.
  2. “Well I felt nervous but at the same time I was happy because I able to do something for them as they did something for us, I was nervous because it is something that you do in front of a big crowd and you start thinking what are you gonna do, if your gonna commit an error, how are you gonna do it, and how is it gonna come out but other then that everything is good,” Benavente said.


Cruz Marin

  1. “We assisted the parade and the Color Guard in the circus,” Marin said.
  2. “Well at first it feels weird but when you get use to it, it feels a little bit better. On the Color Guard event we presented colors and we marched on the parade,” Martin said.