Making A Change

Arlene Mendez and Katheryne Sanchez

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Approximately three years ago, Bowie added a program known as Oso New Tech. New Tech is based on the culture of trust, respect, and responsibility. This program is a project-based learning with the use of technology, creativity and collaborating with others.

There are five ways to meet the learning outcome: agency, collaboration, knowledge and thinking, oral communication and written communication.

Throughout the years, New Tech brought students close, teachers close, even students with teachers close with each other. This year, things were different. We lost two leaders, our New Tech counselor, two teachers, but also have two new teachers now.

Many students are upset that two of their teachers that they admired left the campus. Many say that things will never be the same. Others are actually very understanding with the whole situation.

“They are good teachers with good intentions. Where ever they go, they’ll do great. The new teachers will never fill their shoes, but they will do an amazing job because they have a passion for what they do,” Jonathan Chavez, 11, said.

Ever since the last leader left, Mrs. Cano, also known as the math teacher, became in charge of New Tech. Because many students get really along with her, they’re okay with it. She enjoys being in charge now, even though it wasn’t as easy as first.

She states that it’s been stressful, especially now that she has two roles. What makes it more stressful for her that now she has to make sure that her classes are successful, but also needs to make sure that all her teachers are also successful.

“At first, it was kind of hard to find a balance to it, but now that I have the balance and a better game plan on what to do, I think now I feel a little bit better about it than when I was first thrown into the role,” Mrs. Cano said.

When the student’s English teacher left campus, they had several substitutes which made them feel uncomfortable. Having so many teachers every time they had the class made them confuse on the subject. About a month ago, Mrs. Urquidi became the new English teacher.

Many students may not be used to her just yet, but it’s good for them to be able to stick to just one teacher instead of many substitutes. Mrs. Urquidi is really excited with her position and looks forward to making these kids succeed.

“I always loved English. I think that here, working with Curry, working with New Tech, has helped me grown so much in group work. What I want for my kids is that I want them to express themselves in writing, communicating and learning so many things,” Mrs. Urquidi said.

Perhaps things aren’t all that bad in New Tech. Things might have changed, but after all, everyone is just shocked. After the shock passes, things will just go back to normal.