Marching band makes history at area competition

Katherine Villegas and Victor Burciaga

For the first time in bowie history the band has made it to area. Even with the absence of Ms.Torres this year’s marching band is proud to say they will be marching their way to area.

Mr. Castro, instructor of the Bowie’s band, is the first instructor to make it to area.  Even though he is the temporary substitute band instructor, he managed to take the band to another level with the ambition and dedication of the program.

Mr. Castro has an experience of 14 years of assistant instructor and states that it is his first time making it as far as area.

“I’ve been in the band program for 14 years counting this year at Bowie, but never have I came this far with a band, area wise”, Mr. Castro said.

According to Mr. Castro he expected to make it to area. Even if the band wasn’t so big, he was sure he and the band had a shot for area.

“Seeing the band’s work, I knew we had a shot to make it to area,” Mr. Castro said.

According to Mr. Castro the marching band has been practicing at 7 A.M. since the beginning of the school year and practicing nonstop. The ambitious band had also practiced the whole summer in order to win a spot in area.

Mr. Castro said that the band looks strong due to Ms. Torres’ teachings but also has things to work on.

“The band is looking great for the competition but as every band, we aren’t perfect. We still have to work on some small details such as keeping them high up and being consistent on their performances,” Mr. Castro said.

Kevin Nino, 12, who has a solo in this year’s show, said that making it to regionals is something great because they just made history.

“It feels great to be the first band to make it to regionals in Bowie’s history. I get a feeling of accomplishment by knowing that we just made history”, Nino said.

Nino also shared that the band has to keep looking forward and not get intimidated by such a big event.

Sofia Carreon, 12, dance team member, has been practicing with the band early mornings and shares her experience with the band.

“It’s been good working with the band because we help each other and they’re fun to be around with”, Carreon says.

According to Carreon, the members make an impact on the band because it enhances the visuals to the performance.

Chris Sifuentes, 12, drum major, has been in the band for three years now. According to Sifuentes, it is a great honor to be the first band in Bowie history to make it to area.

“It’s a great feeling of accomplishment, it makes me really proud to make it to area, not just proud of myself, but proud of the band”, Sifuentes said.

Sifuentes started off as a clarinet player and went to drum major. According to him, this was harder than expected.

“It was something that I didn’t expect, it was harder and I sometimes felt like I wasn’t doing my job and felt down but at the end of the day, I was doing that for them”, Sifuentes said.

Sifuentes emphasizes that band is not for everybody because it requires a lot of sacrifices including sleep and school.