Its Hard Being in Love

Prisila Gurrola and Nathassja Jacquez

Love is something that affects teenagers these days, either heart breaks or unforgettable memories are the simple things that make those years the most extreme of their lives.

Teenagers go from believing in love at first sight to not believing in love at all. Even when love does not necessarily have to be a person in love with someone, love is one of the most intense feelings a person can experience.

Josue Reyes, 10, soccer player and band member said that the hardest part about being in love with someone is having trust, being honest with that person and committing to the relationship.

“The hardest part about being in love with someone would be trying to build a relationship where you feel comfortable and basically just get along with the other person,” Reyes said.   

Reyes says that love is not always with another person, love can also be with something materialistic, in this case his passion for sports and music exceeds his limits.

“I’m in love with is the things that I do everyday which is sports and music. The craziest thing I’ve done is playing in a game when I knew I could have benched myself or not played because of an injury,” Reyes said.

Elizabeth Duarte, 11, part of new tech said that for her love it means having trust and having communication with your partner for resolving  problems and not to leave the things in a negative way.