Alan Banuelos and Paola Solanes

Seniors Susana Soto and Stephanie Salinas received first place in the event hosted by HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America), a private organization that offers to young students at all schools with health science the opportunity to compete against local, national, and international schools. 

The goal of this first competition was to make a connection throughout their CCTE program to a PE class at Guillen Middle School about sport injuries, health care, and their knowledge in sport medicine.

Even though it is a really stressful experience, both seniors have their reasons to keep on going.

“I wanted to give an extra step to my way of learning and have some experience of how the outside world will be,” Stephanie Salinas, 12, said.

The growler asked them about their thoughts during the competition and their expectations for this one.

“To be honest, the outcome was over our expectations. We thought that we were going to make a low place but our surprise was getting 1st place for area and we are waiting for state,” Susana Soto, 12, said.