Natalia Diaz, the young artist.


Paola Solanes, Alan Banuelos

Art is a way of expressing what one thinks, their perspective of things and the feeling that comes with it. Art can be explained in so many ways by so many people, each one can be so personal, so close to them that every-time they pick up a paint brush or a camera or anything that brings them that passion it’s a feeling of happiness, of a joy and peace that frees their mind of what surrounds them, everything that that stresses them and drains their energy just goes away to be transformed into a moment where nothing else matter and everything is better.

There’s so many ways that art can be expressed such as painting or drawing, photography or dancing, music, etc. it all following the same purpose of sharing the emotions and thoughts of the author.

Music, painting, photography, dancing, theater, literature.

Natalia Diaz , 12 can be consider an artist because she is interested in both makeup and drawing and painting.

1.What inspired you to become an artist?

I’m not an artist
But expressing what I feel and getting some stress out from me was what inspired be to paint.


2. What do you do when you don’t find any inspiration?

When I don’t find inspiration, I listen to music that makes me find feelings that help me to paint what I feel.


3. How much time did you took to do your “Dia De Muertos” makeup

To do my “Dia de Muertos” makeup, I took about two hours because I like to be a perfectionist on what I am doing.


4. Do you create something in whatever mood you’re in?

Yes, most of the time I try new eye makeup that are on the on the internet.


5. What is the thing that you enjoy the most about makeup?

What I enjoy the most about makeup is that anybody can do it with dedication and practice. I’ve improved a lot since I started to do my make up by practicing every time I was boring and every time I wanted to try something new.


6. What usually goes through your mind when you draw something?

When I draw something, I’m just thinking that when I screw it up, I can fix it with paint later on. Art is what you have inside, there is nothing wrong in art.


7. How did you discovered you could draw?

I discovered I could draw when I was in elementary school, I didn’t know how to draw correctly but with practice I got better and better.


8. Which one do you prefer? (Makeup or Drawing)

That’s a hard question, but I prefer make up, because I can create eye makeup art, or whole body makeup art.


9. Would you consider make a career out of it? Why?

I would consider a career. There are some people that lives out of it. They create makeups for brides and quinceañeras girls and they charge a good amount of money for it.


10. Do you consider makeup to be a sort of art?

Yes, of course I do. Some people take longer to learn and some other are slower, but there are people that created a whole galaxy on their faces, and some of them created some crazy scary movies characters on their hands, with makeup. They are all artists.